Because we only have about a decade to reverse the climate crisis, it’s important to be aware of our carbon footprints. This means assessing our chemical use and eco-friendliness in all walks of life, especially where there are green alternatives.

The materials and substances that we use to clean our homes are no exception. All natural cleaning products have many advantages on both an individual and climate level. Read on to learn more about the reasons why we use green cleaning all-natural products at TruRinse.

All Natural Cleaning Solution 

When you think of natural cleaners, you likely imagine simple mixtures of water and baking soda. While these are effective in some cases, they’re far from the only option. There are several green alternatives to more powerful cleaning products that get the job done just as effectively.

Vinegar and lemon are also great cleaning solutions, for things like the counter, but they aren’t suitable for cleaning your carpet, or upholstery. TruRinse has a proprietary cleaning solution that we use that is all-natural, dye-free/fragrance-free, no harsh chemicals. We do not use “soap” and our solution does not contain SLS or triclosan. Our solution is powerful at cleaning, and while we do not recommend drinking it, it is extremely safe for kids, pets, your home, and the environment.  

Because of our approach, TruRinse is able to apply a comprehensive cleaning strategy that won’t harm the environment. Our Solution (what’s in our spotter bottle too), is only one component that helps support a powerful clean, our tools, technology, and true professional technicians also ensure the highest quality clean.  

Eliminating Harsh Chemicals

Regular carpet cleaners usually include solvents, soap, and detergents. These contain chemicals such as:

  • Ammonia
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate
  • Formaldehyde
  • Chlorine
  • Synthetic fragrances, dyes, and perfumes
  • Caustics
  • Sulfates

That’s a lot of substances. Most of them are also unpronounceable to most people. That’s a surefire sign that you shouldn’t use them.

All natural cleaning products minimize the use of these harsh chemicals. You won’t need to worry about potential health hazards and smelly cleaners. You also will minimize the use of dyes that could alter the colors of upholstery, rugs, and carpeting.

Conserving Resources

Regular cleaning products are made with a wide range of chemical compounds.  These compounds include gases and minerals.

Sourcing these ingredients requires drilling and extracting compounds from their natural environments. These extraction methods can leak unsafe compounds into the air, water, and soil. This isn’t just bad for the environment but also wastes resources.

Additionally, many natural cleaning products are multi-use cleaners. TruRinse aims to use as few substances as possible when ensuring that your home is truly cleaned and truly rinsed. This means that we create less waste while we clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and tile

Possible Health Benefits

Studies suggest that using chemical cleaners can have as many health harms as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. This 20-year longitudinal University of Bergen study found that cleaners may sometimes:

  • Cause respiratory problems
  • Increase the risk of asthma by 40%
  • Cause infections and age the lungs
  • Get into the bloodstream and cause cardiovascular issues

Other research shows that cleaners may in some situations:

  • Increase allergic reactions
  • Cause headaches
  • Cause burning and itching eyes
  • Irritate skin

Natural cleaning products do not use formaldehyde and similarly abrasive compounds. While the above harms do not come to everyone, the risk alone is a great reason to hire carpet cleaning professionals that use green alternatives. The products that are all-natural and used in your home are a surefire way to protect your health and feel great.

Keeping Things Pet-Friendly

If chemicals can cause these potential health risks for you, think of the harm that they may do to your beloved pets.

Ammonia is used in many cleaning products and can cause severe irritation to a pet’s skin and eyes. If they lick it, it can also burn their throat and stomach. Bleach can lead to breathing problems in cats and dogs while phthalates/fragrances can make them extremely ill.

Our CHAT cleaning method is based on the science of cleaning, which means we use the best principles and practices. We use our cleaning solution, heat, agitation, and time to give you the best possible results. This method combined with our natural cleaners means that you won’t have dangerous chemicals on surfaces that your pet has easy access to.

Protecting Wildlife

In addition to your pets, using natural cleaning products also benefits wildlife.

Chemicals almost always find their way back into the ocean. Sometimes this is because users or garbage companies dump them there. Other times, atmospheric fumes carry the chemicals long distances through the air and transform them into contaminants.

Common chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate are toxic to marine life, and phthalates can cause reproductive issues in both humans and animals. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites eco-friendly cleaners as a way to prevent damage to the ecosystem.

Eco-friendly products are also usually cruelty-free. TruRinse doesn’t use products that have undergone animal testing. Most of our cleaning solutions are also vegan.

You can rest assured that all wildlife is safe, including animals that would undergo cruel testing processes. It’s completely guilt-free!

Maintaining Pleasant Scents

Truly clean means truly rinsed™: that’s our motto. Of course, a truly rinsed home shouldn’t smell like abrasive chemical cleaners. Green cleaning products do not contain harsh odors that leave lingering chemical scents in your home for several hours or even days.

Our cleaning solutions are fragrance and scent-free. This is ideal for those with sensitive noses and allergies. TruRinse uses many types of natural cleaners to ensure that you do not need to contend with bad smells after we truly clean and truly rinse your home or commercial space. 

Hire True Professionals Who Use All Natural Cleaning Products

Now that you know why we use all-natural cleaning products for both residential and commercial cleaning projects, it’s time to make your house squeaky clean. Our experts are committed to ensuring that your home and building looks and feels amazing.

We don’t just clean carpets but also work with rugs, upholstery, tile, fine stone, and grout. Book an appointment to discuss your specific needs and get a quote. Let us focus on the details of your clean so you can focus on the other things on your to-do list!