Oriental Rug or Area Rug Cleaning

Rugs can add beauty and warmth to any room, but they can also be tricky to keep clean.

TruRinse knows how to care for the diverse materials and fibers that are used in rug manufacturing today.

Based on Cleaning Approach

Area Rug Cleaning Pricing

We have a variety of ways we can clean your rugs. You can add it to your usual carpet cleaning appointment. You can drop off your rugs and pick them back up, or we can come and pick them up and drop them off after they have been cleaned.

If you are looking for pricing with different fiber content than you see here please give us a call at 801-226-6827.

Cleaned During Your Appointment

You Drop Off & Pick Up at TruRinse in Orem, UT

TruRinse Pick Up & Drop Off

Rug Cleaning At Your Convenience

See & Feel the Difference

Rugs are some of the dirtiest carpets we clean, typically because they are used to cover large areas, and oftentimes in the home’s entryway.

Rugs can be tricky to clean due to the wide variety of materials used, so we suggest that you trust the professionals at TruRinse to use our extensive experience and training to assess your rugs and get them cleaned using the best method available.

Some rugs can be steam cleaned onsite in your home, some require hand-washing to protect delicate fibers.

Our technicians can pick up your rugs at an appointment, or you can drop them off at our office in Lindon, Utah.

Give us a call to discuss your situation and help determine if your rugs require hand-washing or if they can be steam cleaned onsite.


Residential Carpet Cleaning For a Visible Difference

The TruRinse Approach to Area Rug/Oriental Rug Cleaning

14 Years Cleaning Area Rug/Oriental Rug

Our expertise and experience will help us understand how to get those tough spots out the very best we can.

Each of our technicians has been mentored by our owner for at least a year, ensuring that they have the knowledge and expertise. They also know what is damage versus needing a clean, and how to help your home look its best.

Deep Clean to See The Difference

There are a variety of cleaning techniques used in carpet cleaning. Using our hot water steam clean system combined with powerful suction will give your rugs a deep clean, eradicating particles, dirt, and other things that make your carpet dirty.

We also can provide deep cleaning with handwashing based on the materials your rug is made out of.

Designed with Your Needs in Mind & The Fastest Dry Times in The Industry

The TruRinse Approach uses a system that is very powerful – a cleaning wand with powerful suction and a truck mount system.

This powerful suction in the TruRinse Approach will take the majority of the moisture out of your carpet along with all the dirt, and stuff in your carpet that is making it dirty.

Because we take the moisture out dry times tend to be quicker than other carpet cleaners. You can expect a dry time from 8-10 hours.

On rare occasions, dry times can be longer due to reduced or interrupted airflow in the home.

TruRinse Guarantee

We guarantee you will be amazed! We promise to leave our customers satisfied with the whole experience from booking to cleaning to how your carpet looks and feels after it drys. 

It’s our job to do the work you don’t have time for, so you can focus on doing all the things you would rather do instead.


"Very professional and honest. Our carpets look and feel great. We will use them again and recommend them to others."

Joe C.

"We moved here from Boston, where professionalism is the rule and our experience with Scott and Jake at TruRinse far exceeded our expectations. They cleaned a BYU condo and our home and did a fabulous job. They didn’t stop until we were happy in every way. I recommended them to my ultra-clean neighbor with off-white carpet, and she was very happy too. I would recommend TruRinse to ANYONE, and plan to use them again each year."

Carolyn H.

"My daughter recommended this service, and I’m happy I took her advice. Besides just needing carpeting throughout the house and some chairs cleaned due to normal use, I also had “cat issues” that required special treatment. Jordan showed up on time, was friendly and professional, did a great job – and the carpets look and SMELL great. Thank you!"


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