TruRinse Spotter Bottle – Full 32 oz Bottle

TruRinse Spotter Bottle – Full 32 oz Bottle

This is a full 32 oz. Spotter Bottle of TruRinse Solution. It is an All-Natural Cleaner that is perfect for getting those spots and spills out of your carpet, upholstery, and rugs. We have also had our customers use it to clean their carpets and upholstery in their car, as a laundry pre-treatment, on hats, and shoes, and clean up all sorts of things including pen ink, oil, grease spots, and more.

It’s safe to use on all fibers including clothes, drapes, shoes, car seats, and anything that is made of fibers. We don’t recommend using it on leather.

*The TruRinse Solution is so clear you can’t tell the bottle is full in the picture!

It’s easy to use this Spotter. Simply follow these steps:

1. Always pretest on fabric for color fastness.
2. Spray directly on spots or stains.
3. Agitate with a brush or fingertips.
4. Let stand for 1 minute and wipe or blot off with a clean towel.
5. Repeat if needed.

For more ways to use your spotter bottle, check out our favorite article 7 Ways Your TruRinse Spotter Bottle Can Save the Day. You can also learn more about how to best use the spotter bottle


Sea Salt, natural minerals, and soft water along with natural oxygen create the cleaning power of the TruRinse Solution.

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