It’s officially time where you can buy pumpkin bread at Kneaders, the 90 degree days are gone and the chilly days are upon us. With the cold front coming this means more time inside cozy by the fire drinking a fresh pumpkin spice frap from Starbucks.  As amazing as this sounds, there are some challenges that come with spending so much time inside, but no need to fear. 

Find 6 tips and tricks from our cleaning experts to keep your house clean this fall.  

1. Getting Upholstery Ready for Constant Camping on the Couch 

Your couch is about to become your new best friend. Hallmark movies and horror movies can’t be watched without some sort of treat or beverage, and your couch will take a beating from that because let’s be honest we are human and we spill. One way to keep your home clean this fall is by getting your upholstery cleaned. It’s an easy quick fix to a clean home. You can also use our spotter bottle for any spills and spots between cleanings.  

2. Clean Your Rugs & Entry Way 

As it starts to rain and snow, it’s hard not to bring wet muddy shoes into your home. One way to help minimize the dirt in your home this fall is by purchasing a rubber shoe matto store your muddy shoes. 

We also encourage you to get a cute mat to place your carved pumpkins on your front porch. 

You can also get an entry mat that will provide another way to limit extra dirt and mud from entering your home. These mats are perfect for guests to wipe their shoes on before they come inside. 

Oftentimes dirt that comes from outside inside will go right into your area rugs, and your entryway. If it’s been over 6 months since they were last cleaned, now is the time! 

There is nothing better than restoring your rugs and making them look brand new than a fresh clean this fall. 

3. Getting the Pumpkin Carving Guts Out of Your Carpet or Tile 

It’s always fun to get the creative juices flowing when you start carving pumpkins, but it is no clean task. You can’t create the perfect masterpiece without making a little bit of a mess. Pumpkin guts can get in places you can’t even imagine. 

We encourage you to lay down newspaper where you carve, and then make sure you look under the table and the surrounding area after you are done so that you prevent the pumpkin guts from getting too deep into your carpet or tile grout. You want to clean the pumpkin off the carpet as soon as possible because it can soak deep into the fibers and leave a nasty spot. 

Typically pumpkin cleans pretty well off your tile, but if you haven’t gotten your grout sealed properly lately we recommend getting a deep clean so that it will be protected from all the other activities that come through the upcoming holiday season, 

4. Animals Tracking in Dirt

You’re spending more time inside and so will your furry friends. The problem is the longer our pets are inside the more accident-prone they become. When they do get let out to go to the bathroom, there is a high chance they bring dirt, mud, and other stuff from outside. 

We recommend that you leave a towel by the door to wipe off your pet’s paws before they come back in so they track less dirt in. You can also wipe them down if they have to go out in the rain or snow. 

When these accidents happen, and dirt spots pop up in between carpet cleans, one way to keep your home clean this fall is by treating these spots with the TruRinse Spotter Bottle

You can learn more about how to best use the spotter bottle here > 

5. Halloween Chocolate & Make-Up Have Nothing on the Spotter Bottle 

Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday brings so many scary things, including scary things for your carpet. No need to stress this fall because if you have the TruRinse Spotter Bottle on hand you can get any type of candy or Halloween make-up out of your carpet. 

After all the festivities are over, if your carpets need more attention than the spotter bottle, book an appointment to get your carpets cleaned and ready for the upcoming holiday season. You do want to be sure you book in advance for your cleaning because we are booking up fast, and looking to hire technicians to keep up as well.

6. Make Your House Smell Good

Everyone loves a good cleaning house, and everyone loves a house that smells warm and comforting too! The last thing we recommend is getting your favorite fall scented candle. There is no better feeling than cleaning your house and then lighting a candle. It’s our way of celebrating fall, and it helps keep the house warm and cozy as you enjoy more time inside. 

Just because it is starting to get cold and a little gloomy outside doesn’t mean that inside your house has to feel the same. We hope you enjoyed these 7 tips and tricks to keep your house warm, clean and inviting this fall. 

TruRinse has been serving customers all over Utah from Spanish Fork to Draper Lehi to Salt Lake City for over 10 years. We love taking care of our customers, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the results. It’s easy to start the booking process online to get your carpet, couch, tile, and rugs cleaned so you can stay happy and healthy this fall.

You can also get the TruRinse Spotter Bottle for those in-between cleans you can keep your home clean, and everyone can enjoy your beautiful home!