As heroic as Superman, Batman, Captain America, and their other superhero friends might be, they have nothing on the superpowers of the TruRinse Solution in a Spotter Bottle. This amazing product can’t fly around the room or lift whole cars with one hand, but it can save the day nonetheless. Between oopsie dinner spills and painful paint splotches, this Spotter Bottle can do it all! 

This solution is made from ALL natural ingredients, there are no harsh chemicals, and it is perfect for using on your toughest spills and spots without having to worry about the safety of your family, kids or your pets. 

In most cases there will not be any carpet or upholstery damage. (We don’t recommend using it on leather, it can damage leather furniture.)

It’s easy to use this spotter. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Spray 2-3 squirts of TruRinse Solution on the spot or area that you need to clean. 
  2. Lightly agitate the spot with your fingers or the tip of the spotter bottle.
  3. Let sit for no more than 10 seconds. 
  4. Take a paper towel and blot the area until the solution has been absorbed. 
  5. Repeat until the area is clean. 

It’s very important that you do not over spray the area or soak the area with solution. Soaking the area will not lift the spot off the carpet and can make it challenging to get the spot fully out. Soaking it can cause problems with your carpet pad, and make it hard to dry.  

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Here Are 7 Ways TruRinse Solution Can Save Your Day


Now that you’ve been properly introduced, let’s take a closer look at 7 ways your new cleaning friend can save your day.

  • Spills on Rugs or Carpet 

As hard as we all try, sometimes it can be impossible to keep food or drink spills off of the carpet. That’s okay. The TruRinse Spotter Bottle has got you covered. 

Simply spray and blot the spill. Voila! What was once a terrible spaghetti mess is now nothing but a clean carpet and a fading memory. With this amazing, all natural product, food spills have a reason to fear you instead of the other way around. The spotter works on all types of carpet fibers, and it will naturally lift the dirt and the spill to the surface. 

The other thing that we love about this product is that you don’t need to rinse it out. Because it’s made of natural ingredients and enzymes it will continue to help clean the area we sprayed. 

  • Pet Accident Emergencies

Fido is the best puppy around, he’s a sweetheart and adorable to boot, but puppies are a lot of work and potty training is not going well. No worries!

The TruRinse Spotter Bottle has got you covered. Pet spots are a thing of the past. Fido still needs to learn to take his business elsewhere but at least you don’t have to worry about him ruining your gorgeous floor forever. 

However, with pet spots and stains, it is still a good idea to call us and book an appointment as soon as possible. Pet spots can be a big mess and a hassle, so using the spotter is perfect if it’s a small accident, but if it’s something that is all over the place we recommend calling a professional so you can focus on more important things than cleaning up a pet mess. Some pet spots can turn into a stain if not taken care of fast enough. 

  • Oil & Grease on Your Carpet

One of our customers, Becky, loves her husband the mechanic, but his dirty boots and what he tracks into their beautiful home from the garage might just be the bane of her existence. 

Poor Becky tried every trick in the book to get his grease and oil out of her carpet until she met the TuRinse Spotter Bottle. 

Changing her life for the better, Becky no longer has to flinch each time her husband’s boots wreak havoc on her carpet. She’s an expert at spraying and blotting those spots out! Grease and oil have nothing on the power of the Spotter Bottle. 

  • Marker & Pen (Permanent Marker) 

An artist’s work is never finished, but sometimes you might wish that your little artist would keep her masterpieces off of your furniture and carpet. There‘s no magic eraser for fabric…is there? You guessed it! 

The Spotter Bottle can handle that too! Permanent marker and pen ink will be gone in no time, leaving your couch as spotless as it was before your daughter’s creative spark gave it a makeover.

It’s as simple as spraying and blotting, and directing your daughter’s artistic visions to a more appropriate canvas… the couch! Just kidding, if she draws on the couch no need to worry, the spotter bottle can help and so can our upholstery and carpet cleaning technicians. 

  • Kid Accidents & Messes 

Just like Fido, toddlers can be hard to potty train. And sometimes kids have accidents, ok kids have all sorts of accidents. The spotter bottle can also get out food spills, blood, grass stains and more. And if your kids are active you already know that they bring lots of messes where they go. 

The TruRinse Spotter Bottle is the perfect backup plan for those times when your kids make a big mess. Whether it’s on a bathroom rug or the living room floor, or in their fabric car seat, the Spotter Bottle’s got your back. 

However, also like Fido, you will want to book an appointment with us if you need help cleaning up any as well. When it comes to carpet messes better suited for the toilet, it’s best to let us do the heavy lifting. A Spotter bottle is great for a temporary solution, but won’t take care of the accident long term, which can cause that spot to turn into a stain, or to damage your carpet long term. 

  • Spots on Your Furniture 

Maybe it’s a marker, a dinner spill from two weeks ago, a spilt drink, or maybe it’s something more sinister than that. The ugly spot on your furniture that you just can’t seem to place has been plaguing you for days. Don’t let it haunt you, and give you nightmares any longer. 

The TruRinse Spotter Bottle works on more than just your carpet. Try it on any fabric furniture to make even the toughest spills and spots run for the hills. 

  • Paint Spots 

As careful as you might be while you paint the walls white, then blue, then brown, and maybe cream or maroon, it’s difficult to keep the carpet from sustaining at least a few battle scars. Not to worry! While you wage a painting war on your walls, you and your carpet can rest at ease knowing that the Spotter Bottle has no trouble with paint spots. You will never have to sacrifice your beautiful floors to the terrors of paint spots again. 

Be sure to follow the instructions and use the spotter bottle as soon as possible with a paint spot so that way you can remove its ability to stain or dye your carpet. 

**BONUS: Use the Spotter as Laundry Pre-Treatment** More on this coming soon. 

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