What makes a good carpet cleaner here in Utah? 


There are many carpet cleaners in Utah which can make it difficult to know which ones are actually good at carpet cleaning. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the professional carpet cleaner for your home, tile & grout cleaning, or upholstery services


First impressions are important, so it is a good sign when they arrive with a clean truck and equipment, as well as a technician who is dressed nicely and presents themselves in a professional manner. This will let you know their company is more detail oriented making them less likely to cut corners, and to focus on delivering amazing results. 


They care about you and your home.


Good carpet cleaning starts with an experienced technician who cares about your home as much as you do. They will take the time to discuss the areas and spots you are most concerned about. They will identify the problems and implement the appropriate services and products to maximize first-rate results. They will also be sure to protect the corners of your walls, and doors, and be respectful to you and your property. Before they clean, they will double check the areas and services you want so they do not miss anything during your appointment. 


They will vacuum your carpets as the first step in the cleaning process.


The biggest indication of a professional and good carpet cleaner is they will take the time to vacuum your carpets before anything else. Not only is this a courtesy, but it is valuable in the process. Even if you vacuum before they come, your technician will still take the time to provide this service. 


If they have been properly certified by the carpet company to clean, they will have been taught to always do this. Second, the extra agitation of the vacuum helps to release any dry soil still in the carpet, and aids in the preparation of your carpet for a true cleaning.


If they skip this step you may want to find another cleaner because cleaning with loose dirt, etc. in the carpet doesn’t give you the best clean possible. 


They understand the science of carpet cleaning. 


Most importantly, you want a carpet cleaner who understands the science of good carpet cleaning. Using the proper approach and cleaning solution is crucial and should be at the top of your list for any good carpet cleaner. 


You especially want a company who uses a non-toxic, all natural cleaner. Second, they will allow time for the cleaner to do its job to break down the soil in your carpet. 


Next, they will provide the right amount of agitation to break that soil free from the carpet fibers, and they won’t charge you extra for this, (sometimes this is one of the hidden fees we see from other cleaners in the industry). 


Then it is vital to use high temperature, hot water extraction to completely rinse away the loosened soil, spills, and grime from your carpet. Their system needs to have a very high suction and they must use the wand appropriately so they don’t flood the carpets with too much water. 


If your carpet is taking longer than 8 hours to dry, this could mean they flooded your carpet and didn’t use high enough pressure in their extraction system. Not only would this increase the drying time, it can allow for mildew to set in. 


If you have any questions about why they are doing something in the process, they will be transparent and able to explain the reason behind it.


They use powerful all natural cleaners so it’s safe for you, your kids and your pets.  


Avoid carpet cleaners who may use cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals. These could potentially damage your carpet, as well as have ingredients which could possibly be dangerous to you, your family members and/or your pets. Also, you want to select a company that does not use soap to clean your carpet. Soaps will leave behind gunk which attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty faster. 


They know how to properly clean up pet accidents.


Our pets become members of our family. We enjoy having them live in our homes with us, except when they have nasty little accidents on our carpets. To know if you are getting a good carpet cleaner, you will want to inquire if they use special treatment on these types of spots


The right type of cleaning solution is essential. You want one which encapsulates the excretion, reduces the alkaline from the urine, and assists in killing the bacteria which feeds off the pet waste. 


When a carpet cleaner comes and doesn’t know the right process, chances are it won’t get the smell out. There are specific steps which need to be taken to truly rinse your carpets and eliminate the smell from pet accidents. If you have a professional come clean your carpets, and you still smell the pet odor, even after it dries, they more than likely did not use the right process to treat the pet spot.


They use a truck mounted system.


There are different types of systems being used by carpet cleaners in Utah. To get the best results you will want to find a company with a truck mounted system. Truck mounted systems have a better capacity to heat water to a higher temperature which  provides a better rinse. In addition, the truck mounted systems generally have a much stronger suction. This will aid in better water extraction which will help to reduce drying times.


Carpet cleaners who don’t use systems which completely rinse your carpets end up leaving behind dirt, grime and residue from the cleaning solution. These substances get pushed down deep into your carpet fibers, through the rubbing motion, making the surface look good, but not actually truly getting your carpet clean. 


They offer protection against spills.


A good carpet cleaner will offer you additional protection to help keep your carpet, rugs and upholstery clean longer. A protectant repels liquids and dirt to keep out unwanted substances and preserve the clean you just paid for. 


No Hidden Fees 


There are a lot of ways carpet cleaning companies make money, and hidden fees are one of the most common. At TruRinse we will never charge you any hidden fees! 


You will never be charged for: 

> Water Usage 

> Water Disposal Fees 

> Agitation Fees 

> Cleaning Solution Fees 

> Rinsing Fees 


You should always find a company who will only charge you what you are quoted before you book a job. TruRinse believes in being transparent and upfront about the cost for the full service you will receive. We strive to be as accurate as possible so your invoice will reflect what you were quoted before the service is completed. We believe you should be able to count on us, and we care more about you and your satisfaction than simply increasing our bottom line.


If you are looking for a good professional carpet cleaner in Utah, give TruRinse a try, you won’t be disappointed. It’s as easy as 1. Go online to Get a Quote, 2. Approve the Quote, 3. Book Your Appointment! You can also contact us at 801-226-6827 (or text us at 385-375-7907) to set your appointment and get started today! We guarantee to Tru-ly Amaze you, from booking your appointment, to the cleaning, and to the way your carpet looks and feels after it’s dry.