You spend so much time finding the perfect furniture that will make your house into a home. You want it to match your personality, decor, and be comfortable. With all of the time and effort that is put into finding the perfect furniture pieces to accessorize your home, it only makes sense to keep them in the best condition possible. Upkeeping your furniture on your own is doable, but to truly deep clean and keep your furniture looking brand new, it’s best to get a professional cleaner for several reasons.  

Here are the top 5 reasons why you want to hire a true professional to clean your upholstery here in Utah:


1. Difficult to Identify the Fiber Without a True Professional 

If someone were to walk into your home and ask you what material your furniture was made out of, would you know the answer? Chances are you may have somewhat of an idea, but furniture can be made from a combination of different fibers. In order to get the most out of your cleaning, you have to know what material you are cleaning. 

There are higher end fibers, cotton with synthetic fibers, polyester, herculean strong, and the list goes on. Hiring an upholstery specialist allows them to identify the type of material and treat it accordingly.

At TruRinse, we understand that certain fibers require certain cleaning techniques. There is a science to how we clean upholstery just like there is a science behind cleaning your carpets. 

2. The Cushion Can’t Get Soaked to Truly Clean it.  

It’s common knowledge that when something is so dirty you cannot get the dirt off that you soak it. Whether that is dishes soaking overnight, or soaking laundry before washing it, you allow these things to soak so that the gunk is more easily removed. This is where furniture differs from other dirty surfaces. When cleaning upholstery you can actually over saturate, which is very counterproductive.

A True Professional upholstery cleaner knows the fabric that covers your couch cushions is very thin. And knowing how to rinse your fabrics properly is key, otherwise you risk ruining your upholstery. Every couch has a foam cushion underneath the fabric, if your spill soaks into the cushion this can pull up unwanted spots onto the fabric and become an even bigger problem if it is not treated properly. 

3. Get the Grime Your Pets, Kids and Spouse Leave Behind on Your Couch 

Your couch, like the kitchen table, is the place where a lot of your family time takes place. Movies with the kids, watching your favorite show with your spouse once the little ones are in bed, it may even be where you enjoy coffee with a close friend. Being a high traffic area, there is a lot that will get left behind, crumbs, dirty finger prints, paw prints, dog hair and drool, boogers (gross we know, but true) you name it and your couch has probably seen it. 

Using a professional upholstery cleaner allows you to identify unwanted stains and messes that have been trapped in your furniture with no way out. At TruRinse, our professional cleaners are trained to identify not only the fabric, but the stain and the best process of removal without ruining your upholstery.

4. Not all Upholstery Cleaners in Utah are the Same 

Just like how Quick Quack and Wiggy Wash aren’t the same, not all upholstery cleaners are the same either. At TruRinse, we use a chemical free cleaner, so you can keep your home safe for kids, pets and everyone that visits your home, regardless of intolerances or sensitivities to chemicals and cleaners. When your couch is truly rinsed you will want everyone, well mostly everyone, to sit on it! 

When you book with TruRinse, we guarantee you will be amazed. We ask questions, get clear on what happened, and then we bring our expertise and the science of cleaning to your upholstery cleaning so that your couch will look, feel and smell better.  We also clean efficiently so you will have fast dry times as well, typically a couch or sofa will dry in 1-3 hours depending on how big it is.  

5. How Often Should Your Upholstery Be Cleaned?

Just like we take care of our hair, our nails, and enjoy spa days every few months, cleaning your upholstery shouldn’t be any different. We spend about the same amount of time in our bed that we do sitting on our couch and we wash our sheets way more often than we deep clean our couch. Cleaning your couches and upholstery is as important of a habit as your self-care routines. 

We recommend that your upholstery is cleaned every three to six months. This allows for minimal build up, easier cleaning, and proper maintenance on your upholstery to keep it looking brand new. This will also mean that we can help to extend the life of your couch and your favorite chair so you won’t have to buy a new replacement as soon. 

In between cleanings you can also spot treat your upholstery using the TruRise Solution Spotter Bottle. This is the same solution we use to clean your carpet and upholstery so it’s safe for kids pets, and it will get even the tough spots out. 

True Upholstery Professionals Here in Utah Will Guarantee Results 

If you haven’t gotten your upholstery cleaned since you bought it, this is your sign to call TruRinse and schedule an appointment, you can also start the booking process online, and get your appointment scheduled right away. Remember that, we can also help with tile & grout, rug cleanings, along with carpet cleaning. Everything we do is to help you stress less so you can focus on all the other important things you have on your list.