From your home to your office, you have upholstery all around you, like padded armchairs and couches. It’s not uncommon for the upholstery in your home and office to wear out over time for different reasons. As your upholstery cleaning experts here at TruRinse, we’re providing you with several ways to make your upholstery last longer!


Before we dive into our top 10 tips to take care of your upholstered furniture, let’s cover what upholstery is for anyone unfamiliar with the term.


What is Upholstery?


The term or category, upholstery, is the padding and other fibers and materials covered in fabric to make furniture soft and comfortable. Without upholstery, you’re left to sit on hard materials like wood, metal, and plastic. Adding upholstery to furniture provides the opportunity to give furniture color and personality, even comfort. 


Upholstery can come in different forms, shapes, and styles to match a specific aesthetic. Now that you have a better understanding of upholstery, below you will find our favorite tips for prolonging the life of your upholstered furniture. That way you won’t have to worry about having to replace your favorite chair just yet. 


The great news is you don’t have to figure out how you can get the most of your furniture on your own. We’re always your go-to resource for cleaning and taking care of your upholstery here at TruRinse. 


 Here are 10 ways to protect your upholstery and prolong its life:


1. Vacuum your upholstered furniture at least weekly.


At least once a week, vacuum your furniture. It’s an effective way to prevent a build-up of everything from hair to dust. Making this a regular part of your cleaning routine prevents your upholstery from getting too dirty. It’s also a great way to reduce allergens in your home or office.


2. Keep your pets off your upholstered furniture.


Of course, you love your furry friends but they’re not always the best for the longevity of your upholstery. Their claws, fur, and bodily fluids will wear out your furniture at a faster rate. Your upholstery is also more susceptible to odors you don’t want to have when your pets are constantly hanging out where you sit. 


If you must have them on your furniture, consider placing a blanket down for your four-legged family members to lay on. Doing so will prevent your furniture from getting too dirty.


If you get a pet spot on your couch you can use the TruRinse Spotter Bottle filled with our All-Natural Cleaning Solution too.  


3. Wash and clean furniture covers.


Do you have removable covers for your cushions and pillows? If you’re able to remove them and wash them, start washing them regularly. The best way to keep your washable covers clean is to follow the care codes on the cover labels. 


You’ll know whether or not you can use water-based agents or mild solvents/dry-cleaning products. It’s important to follow the care instructions so you don’t accidentally ruin the fabric in any way.


4. Protect your furniture fabric from direct sunlight.


UV rays will break down your furniture’s fabric over time. You can protect your upholstery by rearranging your furniture so your furniture is away from direct sunlight. If you can’t do this, items like curtains and shades can help block or reduce the intensity of UV rays affecting your furniture.


5. Do your research before using any cleaning products.


Not all cleaning products are safe to use on your upholstery. Some cleaning products may be too harsh and will ruin the integrity of the fabric covering your furniture.


6. Rotate through your furniture.


A simple way to prevent premature wear and tear of your furniture is to evenly use your furniture. This will help you distribute the impact regular usage has on upholstery which will prolong the life of your furniture.


7. Quickly clean up your furniture in the event of a spill.


If there is an accident, even if it’s spilled milk, or your favorite food, treat it right away. The longer liquid sits on your furniture, the deeper it seeps into your upholstery. It’s important to treat it immediately by wiping up excess fluid and following the care instructions specific to your furniture.


8. Don’t ignore any problems.


Whether you’ve noticed a persistent odor coming from your furniture or saw a hole developing, take care of it immediately. It’s always easier to catch a problem in its earlier stages than later when it’s tougher to deal with. Tiny holes in the fabric are easier to repair than massive tears. The same goes for treating any odors that aren’t too overpowering yet.


9. Use TruRinse to deep clean your upholstered furniture every six months.


One of the best ways to prolong the life of your fabric is to deep clean it. TruRinse will efficiently remove particulates that don’t belong in your upholstered furniture like grease, dirt, and oil. 


The average dry time after our TruRinse crew has cleaned your furniture is about 1-2 hours allowing you to get back to enjoying your upholstered furniture on the same day it’s been cleaned. We can clean everything from love seats to chairs to sectionals. You can even count on TruRinse to clean your office chairs and dining chairs.


10. Consider applying fiber protectants to your upholstery.


TruRinse technicians can add a protectant to your upholstery. This recommendation will help your furniture stay in great shape and look great at the same time.


We hope these tips help you to get the most out of your upholstered furniture. Intentionally taking care of your furniture will keep your furniture in great shape which will also save you money in the long run. Along with saving money, you’ll also be able to reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and allergens in your home or office making life even more enjoyable!


Is it time for a professional upholstery clean? 


if it has been longer than 6 months since your last clean, we recommend taking the time to schedule a professional cleaning. Our goal is to help you to maintain and take care of your home so that you can keep your upholstery and carpet lasting longer and looking fresh!  

At TruRinse, we have more than 20 years of experience with over 13 of those years providing Truly Clean and Truly Rinsed upholstery, carpets, tile and grout, and rug cleaning to our local Utah community.


Using our all-natural TruRinse Solution paired with our expertise, the science of cleaning, truly cleaning technology, and a powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction method, your carpets, upholstery, and home will look and feel new again! We guarantee you will be amazed! 


It’s easy to book your appointment by getting a quote here or by calling us or texting us. We look forward to leaving your upholstery truly clean and truly rinsed!