What do you think is the dirtiest item in your home? Your mind probably drifts toward your bathroom or your trash can, but you may be ignoring a bigger problem.

When was the last time you thought about your area rugs?

The American Lung Association recommends that homeowners with rugs and carpets schedule a deep steam cleaning at least once every twelve months. This attention to home textiles ensures that dirt, allergens, mold, and other irritants will reduce the negative impact on the health of your family and friends. 

However, air quality isn’t the only reason homeowners schedule regular rug cleanings with TruRinse. The benefits are numerous, ranging from the aesthetic to the practical.

We’ve created this guide to encourage you to schedule your next cleaning, and to do it consistently so you can reap the benefits and enjoy your stunning area rugs. Read on to learn how clean rugs and carpets can improve your quality of life.

Dull Rug, Dull Home

We don’t think enough about our floors, even though they take up an incredible amount of space in our home. It’s pretty common to put down a stunning area rug when you move in and spend months or years ignoring it as it fades into the background. 

Unfortunately, rugs sometimes literally fade into the background as they’re exposed to dirt, debris, light, allergens, and household cleaners. Overtime, this wear and tear can impact the overall aesthetic of your home. 

When your home looks beautiful, you and your guests will enjoy it more. A tidy space can lower stress and improve your overall quality of life. Plus, you deserve to enjoy a bright, stunning space that you can be proud of. 

Many homeowners attempt to take things into their own hands, but we advise against this. The chemical residue from many store-bought area rug cleaning products can cause colors to bleed and/or distort or damage your rugs or carpet. A true professional rug cleaner knows which products to use to maintain the stunning integrity of your favorite home textiles. It’s our job to leave rugs looking and feeling cleaner then we started with.  

Learn more about our very own All-Natural TruRinse Cleaning Solution.

Clean Rugs Last a Lifetime Even with Crazy Utah Weather

An oriental rug is a significant investment for many homeowners. Once you’ve brought a beautiful area rug into your home, you should be able to enjoy it for a long time. Did you know that oriental rug cleaning from TruRinse actively extends the life of your rugs and home textiles?

One of the biggest causes of rug damage is dirt and debris, from dust to pet dander. Over time, these can damage delicate fibers. Damaged fibers can impact the integrity of your rug, impacting its appearance and structure. Even if you maintain your rugs at home, debris can settle deep into the fibers. In high-traffic areas, your feet do a lot of the work. All the dirt, and grime can be deeply embedded making it very hard for your vacuum cleaner to do the deep cleaning. 

Oriental rugs are the most delicate to clean on your own, which can reduce the value of your oriental rug if you clean it inappropriately. Which is one of the biggest reasons why we encourage you to bring in a true professional.  We are here to focus on the details, to ensure that your rug is truly clean and truly rinsed. 

Having a regular professional rug cleaning in your home, even during the crazy Utah winter months, will eliminate the embedded dirt before it can damage your textile(s). It will also remove unsightly spots that may detract from the rug’s appearance. Ultimately, a clean rug will last longer and ensure you get your money’s worth. 

Healthier Households

We all try to take our shoes off before coming indoors, but it’s natural to get distracted or waive the rule for guests (or damp pets coming in from the rain). We constantly introduce moisture and bacteria into our favorite rugs and carpets, even in otherwise hygienic homes. These tiny intruders are often invisible, but they can still impact your health.

For example, dirt and grime may blend into busy or dark-colored rugs. Invisible particles may lurk below the surface, hiding deep in dense carpet fibers. Over time, these hard-to-see substances build up.

Each time you walk on your favorite rug, you disturb the dirt and dander, sending it flying into the air you and your family breathe. If your rugs get damp, they can become home to mold and mildew, which produce spores. These can also infiltrate the air, even if your rug is in a low-traffic area.

Over time, our carpets naturally decrease home air quality. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates the contaminants that make you, your family, and your guests feel sick. You might not even notice the effect of allergens and particles until you’re suddenly breathing easier! 

Kids Are Messy

Young children explore the world through their senses. The developmental periods in which they spend time on the floor and put everything into their mouths tend to overlap. If you have little ones exploring the world around them, you owe them a clean, safe home environment free from spots, debris, and allergens.

Of course, kids also tend to introduce plenty of mess, dirt, and gunk from accidental spills to muddy shoes to vomit! Active kids will actively contribute to a messy house along with dirty rugs, carpets, and upholstery. If you have rugs and children, it may require a bit of extra TLC to look their best and keep everyone safe. Which is why we recommend keeping an eye out to make sure that they are cleaned every 6-12 months. 

Regular rug and carpet cleaning in Utah is key to a tidy, kid-friendly home. The best part is the TruRinse solution is all-natural making it safe for kids and pets

Improve Your Life With Clean Area Rugs

Small, positive actions can add up, improving your life one simple task at a time. You might not think that clean area rugs will boost your mood and health, but we’d like to challenge you to give professional cleaning a try. Professional rug and carpet cleaning from TruRinse is a small indulgence that will ensure your Central Utah home consistently looks its best.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your area rugs cleaned, it’s a sure sign its time for a visit from a TruRinse professional. We also offer the finest professional upholstery cleaning in Utah. Book your appointment today and give your beautiful home the attention it deserves. We guarantee you will be amazed!