Do you remember the popular “KonMari Cleaning Method?” Marie Kondo gently encouraged homeowners to fill their spaces with items that spark joy, from heirloom furniture to replica swords. She failed to mention that items that once brought joy may lose that “spark” over time as they become dull and discolored. 

When was the last time you were in love with the couches and chairs in your home?

Revitalizing the passion for your furniture that you once had might be a matter of scheduling an upholstery cleaning appointment with TruRinse. Our professionals will leave your furniture looking better than we found it. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the aesthetic and health benefits of refreshing your upholstery textiles. 

If you’ve never experienced professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Utah, this is the perfect time to try it. We’ve created this guide to help explain why our clients have fallen in love with our quality services. 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of professional furniture cleaning. 

What Is Upholstery? 

While your home is full of fabric and textiles, only specific materials fall into the upholstery category. In essence, upholstery specifically refers to the material covering the outside (and sometimes the inside) of a piece of furniture. We commonly work on cleaning upholstery materials covering couches, loveseats, and various chairs (including dining and office chairs)

Depending on their materials, some curtains and area rugs might also fall into the upholstery category. Our professional upholstery cleaning specialists can help advise you. 

We differentiate upholstery fabrics and materials from other home textiles because they each have unique cleaning needs. Upholstery materials with different types of spots require specific cleaning solutions. For example, your leather loveseat requires different treatment than your polyester recliner.

Our professionals know the techniques, the tools, and if you need more than our standard cleaning solution to ensure that we leave your furniture truly clean, truly rinsed, and never damaged. 

Why Choose Upholstery Cleaning in Utah?

A clean home improves your quality of life. You deserve to live, work, and play in a tidy, comfortable space, even if you have kids and pets. When you utilize upholstery cleaning services from a professional rug cleaner in Utah, you’re choosing to improve your quality of life. 

Here are a few other reasons our clients love upholstery and rug cleaning in Utah.

Clean Furniture Lasts Longer

When you accidentally spill food on your clothing, you go out of your way to wet the spot or scrounge up a Tide pen. Did you know you can use our spotter bottle for this too?

You subconsciously know that the longer a spot remains on fabric, the more difficult it is to remove. The same is true for furniture. 

If you let a spot linger, it might become a permanent stain or feature. Over time, quality furniture begins to look dull. If dirt or liquids seep into the padding and internal structures, they can impact the structural integrity, too.

You’re less likely to keep dull, spot-covered furniture with structural flaws around. Replacing furniture and upholstery will cost you money over time. When you choose upholstery cleaning, you can preserve your favorite pieces and save money. 

Furthermore, our true professionals seek to leave your home and upholstery looking better than they found it. We do have the option to apply protectant materials to extend the life of your furniture, and we will give this cost upfront before we do anything to make sure it works for you. Our protectant helps to prevent stains, decrease spots and maintain the integrity of delicate fabrics. 

Improve Air Quality

Fido and Fluffy often get a bad rap for contributing to strange home odors. And, pets are only one cause of bad smells and poor air quality. Upholstery fabrics can absorb unpleasant scents, from food aromas to cigarette smoke, and they tend to linger.

A true professional upholstery cleaning will make your furniture look and smell better. You may have even become accustomed to some of the odors clinging to your upholstery fibers. Regular cleaning ensures every piece in your home smells fresh. If you pair this with a carpet clean then each room will feel and smell better too. 

Furthermore, dust, pollen, and dander tend to settle into upholstery fibers. You may disturb these particles each time you sit, sending them into the air. These allergens contribute to poor air quality. 

If you’re sensitive to any of these common irritants (or entertain guests who might be), upholstery cleaning can lead to happier days, and even better health. 

An Overall Tidier Home Appearance 

Clean furniture is essential to curating a welcoming, comfortable home. Guests don’t want to sit on dull furniture that’s full of spots and discoloration. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to, either.

The longer your furniture remains discolored and dull, the more blind you’ll become to its fading, unappealing appearance. Once your furniture is clean, however, you’ll notice the difference.

Our professionals can restore tired-looking fibers and fabrics. However, if you wait too long, your old upholstery may be harder to salvage. Upholstery and area rug cleaning can make any home feel and look more inviting. 

Regular upholstery cleaning can help keep fibers looking their best. Cushions and padding will maintain their integrity. You’ll take pride in the appearance of your beautiful, clean furniture. 

The Gift of Upholstery Cleaning 

All upholstery undergoes wear and tear over time, even in the cleanest homes. Regular upholstery cleaning ensures that all your favorite furniture will look brand new for years to come. Our knowledgeable professionals will apply the care necessary to preserve the integrity and appearance of your favorite pieces, improving your quality of life. 

TruRinse is the premiere professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Utah. We’ll always leave your home cleaner than we found it. Book an appointment today, and we’ll be in touch with a clear price and no hidden fees.