A wise man once said that there is an art to everything. Take sweeping the floor as an example.


The Basics of Sweeping a Floor are: 


1. Get a broom with a long handle.

2. Brush your broom across the floor at a 45-degree angle to sweep up the dirt.

3. Move all your dirt into a single pile.

4. Sweep dirt into a dustpan and dump dirt in the trash.


These are all things that the average person knows about sweeping the floor. We’ve all swept a floor at one point or another in our lives. But there are also little tips and tricks one picks up along the way as they perform any given art, even sweeping the floor. Things that only come through repetition and experience. The average person is definitely not a professional sweeper; it’s a mundane cleaning task to most of us. But someone who does it often, who knows the little things, the details to look out for, the best conditions for a clean floor, etc. They are the most qualified to sweep floors. They have made sweeping the floor an art.


In the world today, there are people mastering different arts all the time. Mechanics are mastering the art of cars, graphic designers are mastering the art of… art. Public speakers are mastering the art of connecting with an audience. What separates these individuals from every other mechanic or graphic designer or public speaker is their passion. The drive to always be learning more and developing and honing skills; these are the true artists, these are the true professionals. And true professionals are the people you want to hire and invest in because they’ll invest right back.


Since there are literally hundreds of businesses out there, how does one figure out who among the “professionals” is a TRUE professional? Anyone who is paid to do something can call themselves a professional, so how do you know?


Here are 6 Characteristics of True Professionals:


1. They’re Not Satisfied Unless You Are

a. Anyone who takes pride in their work wants it to be done at the highest level possible, and if you’re not loving the job that they’ve done for you, they’ll do everything they can until you’re satisfied. Your wins are their wins.

2. The Details Matter to Them

a. There’s something to be said for efficiency, but rushing through a task just to get to the finish line is not truly efficient. They are focused on doing a good job, and doing so in a timely manner. It’s not slapstick, but planned and well-executed.

3. They Are Experts in Their Field

a. True professionals love what they do, and they could and do talk about it for hours. They’ve taken the time to practice, improved their skill set, or even gotten certifications or taken classes to further their knowledge. And because they have such an in-depth knowledge, they think of things that never would’ve occurred to you. They are prepared and confident in what they’re doing, and it shows.

4. There’s a Method to Their Madness

a. True Professionals are willing to learn and try new things, but they also know about many things that work and others that don’t. They have a routine, a way of approaching their skillset, that is going to ensure success every time. That doesn’t have to mean that they approach every situation the same,  just that whatever methods they use will work in many instances.

5. They Share Their Knowledge With You

a. Anyone who loves what they do wants to talk about it. True professionals take on the responsibility of performing a skillset, but also sharing and educating the people around them about it as well.

6. They Set the Standard, and Keep the Standard

a. True professionals have a growth mindset. They take constructive criticism well, and they want to know and ensure that you’re satisfied with the job they’ve done. They are always learning and looking ahead to how they can better perform a task. They are dedicated to their customers and clients, and they are always bringing the high quality results their customers deserve. True professionals bring extra value to every project they perform.


When it comes to carpet cleaning, the team members at TruRinse Carpet Cleaning are true professionals. Everyone from our office staff to our technicians are dedicated to learning and honing in on our parts in the process so that you get the best results possible. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be amazed. We’re always working to learn more and be at the top of our game so that your carpets, upholstery, area rugs, and tile and grout are truly cleaned. Truly Cleaned Means Truly Rinsed™. 


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