Spring has sprung, Easter will soon be here and it is time to get our homes ready for the Easter holiday. Easter is the second busiest holiday of the year and a time for inviting guests to come for a visit. 

Doing that deep spring cleaning is surely at the top of the list for getting ready. Some of the items on your to-do list just maybe decluttering, getting your carpet cleaning done, washing your windows, dusting your blinds, and maybe even taking down the filthy light fixtures and throwing them in the dishwasher for a quick clean. 

Here are some of our spring and Easter prep cleaning tips to make your home fresh: 


Decluttering and carpet cleaning at the top of the spring cleaning list.


Easter is a time of renewal and a great way to help you feel refreshed is to get that spring cleaning done. For some, the top of the to-do list is decluttering. Gathering up and getting rid of the unwanted and unused items which have been building up in your home can definitely help. 

Another way to rejuvenate your home is by cleaning those dirty carpets and rugs. After spending the long winter months indoors, our carpets and rugs have taken the brunt of the incoming dirt and grime. To ensure your carpets get the good deep clean they deserve, be sure to call the top Utah professional carpet cleaners, TruRinse Carpet Cleaning, who is ready to take that task off your to-do list for you. (We were voted the best carpet cleaner 4 years in a row from Utah Valley 360.) 


Another way of getting your home ready for Easter is by putting out the decorations.


Now that you have decluttered, gotten the carpet cleaning done, and finished up your spring cleaning, the next step in getting your home ready for Easter is to decorate. 

Are you one of the many people who love using decorative holiday throw pillows on your sofa or loveseats? After spending a year in storage, they just may need a little reviving and the TruRinse spotter bottle can certainly help with that. 

Once the current throw pillows have been removed in order to put on the newly freshened spring pillows, you may find your upholstery has a few undesirable spots as well. This is a great use for the TruRinse Solution Spotter Bottle, just spray, agitate, wipe and repeat as necessary.

This is the same solution we use when we clean in your home, so don’t forget it’s safe for kids and pets. 

Get your table linens ready for the holiday feast.


There is nothing like a beautiful table setting for a delectable holiday meal, and Easter is no exception. If you have really pretty table linens you enjoy using for such an occasion, you will most likely want them to look their best. 

Getting your linens out early will give you time to make sure they are clean and ready for your family feast. If you discover there is an undesirable spot on your linen, there is no need to fear, our Spotter Bottle can once again come to your rescue. Our proprietary blend, an all-natural cleaner in the TruRinse Spotter Bottle, has had great results in removing food spills from cloth materials.


Preparing for the Easter egg hunt.


Having Easter egg hunts is one of the greatest activities for the Easter holiday. There is nothing better than hiding the eggs in obscure places and watching as the kids run through the house trying to find all the hidden treasures. However, while hiding those eggs, you yourself do not want to find any “hidden treasures” left by the young toddler leaving sticky half-eaten jelly beans stuck on the carpet, or smudging melted chocolate all over the couch.  You especially do not want to find anything left behind by the family pet! If you do happen across a trove of these types of hidden treasures, never fear, TruRinse is here!  We can help with all sorts of spots, and even with pet treatments. 

Getting your home ready for the Easter holiday doesn’t have to be stressful. Working with TruRinse guarantees that you will be amazed at the results be it with carpet cleaning, rugs, tile, upholstery, or even those pet spots

Be sure to schedule your cleaning this week to be certain to get in before Easter. It’s as easy as; (1) requesting a quote for services, (2) reviewing and approving the quote, and (3) having your appointment confirmed for the date and time that works best for you here. Also, feel free to call our office at 801-226-6827 or text us at 385-375-7907 with any questions.

We know you will not be disappointed when you work with TruRinse. With over 20+ years of professional carpet cleaning experience and over 12 years of serving our local Utah Community, we love helping you clean and maintain your home. The best part is we love leaving your home cleaner than we found it. Don’t forget to check out our Monthly Specials, and if you have not already tried our Spotter Bottle, we highly recommend it. It will give you the same power as the TruRinse Solution we use for cleaning your carpets, rugs, tile, and upholstery which can be used for any spots and spills that may occur between your 6-month cleanings.

We hope you have a happy Easter and that you enjoy your freshly cleaned home!