Accidents happen to the best of us. Even for our furry friends. There is no doubt that as pet owners we have all come across a pet stain or two on our favorite rug or brand-new carpet. Frustration, and sometimes panic comes up as we race to get the spot cleaned up by any means necessary. Grabbing the closest cloth or towel to soak up the mess or scrubbing wildly with anything coarse to try and remove the pet stain can result in more damage to your carpet. Pet stains also come with a very distinct smell that does not always go away even after you have cleaned up the surface of the carpet where the accident or pet spot is. When you come across an accident spot that is still wet, we recommend you use a paper towel or something absorbent to soak up the urine, make sure to pat the spot and use as many towels as needed until the spot is dry. Using any harsh chemicals or other products can hurt, damage, or discolor your carpet, so be sure to give TruRinse a call as soon as possible. Urine spots not only look and smell bad, but are also one of the worst causes of stains that can happen on your carpet or your favorite chair, couch, or rug. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to remove a urine or pet spot on your own.   

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean my Pet-Stained Carpet?

TruRinse offers Safe Cleaning Solutions Despite the best intentions, many DIY or at-home cleaning methods and products cannot be used as a one-size-fits-all approach. Discoloration and damage to the color and fibers of your carpet, rug, or upholstery are often noticeable after a DIY cleaning solution has been applied. This is due to the PH value of the cleaning solution being too high for the tolerance of the fibers, and different surfaces respond in unique ways to all-purpose products. Since all carpet, rug, and upholstery materials are not created equal you should consult a professional cleaner, like TruRinse, before applying any cleaning solutions.   Whether it’s a pet stain on your residential carpet, Oriental rugs, or upholstery, TruRinse has the expertise to handle those tough spots and stains.  

 A DIY Solution Will Not Deep Clean Your Carpet

Pet accidents are rarely only on the surface level of your carpet. Even though the pet spot or stain appears to be clean on your carpet’s surface, the potential for damage underneath the carpet is greater if not treated professionally.  Pet spots and stains that are not properly cared for can permanently damage carpet fibers, carpet backing, carpet pads, and depending on the location and severity of the stain, the floorboards.  Using our hot water steam clean system combined with powerful suction, our TruRinse professionals will give your carpet a deep clean, eradicating the pet spots and odors that make your carpet dirty.   

No Leftover Residue or Carpet Ripples

Certain DIY cleaning solutions, carpet shampoos, and cleaners can leave behind soap and residue that may be hard to see or feel but can act as an irritant to the skin and eyes. This leftover residue can also become a collector of dirt. The residue left on the carpet fibers can be sticky, thus attracting and holding onto all the dirt that is trafficked through the house. You have probably already tried to clean a pet spot or stain on your own and noticed a change in the color over time. One of the reasons for this color change is the residue left from the cleaning solution collecting dirt.  This is why we will truly rinse your carpets taking the dirt out with us and leaving nothing but clean carpets behind.  

Health Concerns About Residual Pet Urine

Pet stains and urine in your carpet and rugs become a breeding ground almost immediately and can be harmful to your health.  If not cleaned properly the residual effects can cause health problems such as sinusitis, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Larger or concentrated stains that are left untreated have the potential to grow certain types of mold that can also cause respiratory problems. Mold needs dust, oxygen, and moisture to grow and pet spots in your carpets can provide the perfect environment for growth.    

What TruRinse Can do For You

DIY cleaning solutions will never do the job a professional carpet cleaner can do when it comes to safely remove pet stains from your carpet, rugs, or upholstery. Pet odor can be deceiving and pet spots are often more than meets the eye. TruRinse technicians are experts at locating and treating pet spots effectively Our staff and technicians are knowledgeable and know how to care for the diverse materials and fibers that are used in the manufacturing of the most popular rugs and upholstery. TruRinse uses an all natural cleaning solution in our high-quality carpet cleaning treatments and our revolutionary systems are designed to fully rinse dirt, soil, and everyday grit from you and your pets’ favorite pieces of furniture, and the softest places on your carpet TruRinse is here to help you keep your home clean and your carpet looking and smelling fresh. You can count on us to provide high-quality carpet cleaning services! We guarantee you will be amazed!  Don’t wait! Schedule your appointment today and give your carpet a little extra love, particularly if you have pets.  To schedule an appointment, Call Us or Send a Text or Book an Appointment Online Here.