Did you know that many oriental rugs can take years or decades to create? That’s because these rugs aren’t your typical off-the-rack floor coverings. Oriental rug designs incorporate special fibers and materials like wool and natural dyes.

Many rug artisans use hand knot and sewing techniques to create unique patterns. This intensive work is what makes oriental rugs costly but prized and elegant creations.

If you own an oriental rug, you know how special these pieces are. You need to work with an experienced oriental rug cleaner in your Utah area.

It is important that you care for your rug by keeping it clean and in top shape. Read on to learn the advantages of hiring a professional oriental rug cleaner. 

Unmatched Experience 

You may search for “oriental rug cleaning Utah” or “oriental rug cleaner near me.” While search engines may reveal many results, you need to choose a professional with the right experience to care for your rug. Consider TruRinse.  

TruRinse is a local Utah carpet cleaning business. The company has been cleaning carpeting, flooring, and upholstery for more than 10 years. That’s a decade of experience which translates to professional know-how, insight, and problem solving when it comes to cleaning your rug and servicing clientele. 

The TruRinse team includes professional staff members and technicians who deliver high cleaning quality results. Leave the stress of cleaning in the hands of experienced professionals so you can focus on the tasks that matter.  


You’re busy. Cleaning your carpet may be the last thing on your house chores to-do list. Break the cycle and hire a professional oriental rug cleaner. 

When you work with TruRinse, you have convenient options that work for your busy schedule. For example, you can drop off and pick up your rug in the Orem, Utah office. Or, the team can come to your home to pick up your rugs and return them to your home after cleaning.

It’s easy to book an appointment and keep your oriental rugs clean and fresh. After all, time is money. Professional cleaners understand you value convenience and respect your time! 

Transparent Pricing 

Have you ever worked with an unreputable company? Maybe you were quoted an initial price and charged a larger sum in the long run. Or perhaps, you were overcharged with unexplained add-ons and extras you didn’t agree to.

A professional oriental rug cleaner builds its business on open, honest, and transparent pricing. So, when you receive a quote for your rug cleaning, that’s the price you’ll pay.

This transparent pricing can give you peace of mind when it comes to planning your budget or making payments. To learn about TruRinse pricing, check out this information

Avoid Damages 

Professionals like TruRinse will bring to your attention existing damages or issues before they begin the cleaning. Professional cleaners know how to clean a variety of fibers without damaging your rug. And throughout the process, you can rest easy knowing that your beautiful rug is cared for. 

Attention to Detail 

Oriental rugs are full of intricacies. Loose strings, special knotting techniques, and delicate dyes are just some of the special care elements that a professional would never overlook. An oriental rug cleaning involves a deep and thorough inspection and attention to detail throughout the cleaning process.


Choose From a Variety of Cleaning Services 

A professional oriental rug cleaning involves a process and multiple options. TruRinse offers both steam cleaning and professional hand washing/cleaning.  The company will get your rug completely rinsed, clean, and ready to reenter your home or interior space.

Depending on your cleaning needs and rug type, some carpets can be cleaned onsite in your home. However, other delicate rugs may need to be hand-washed at the TruRinse facility.

A professional cleaner will take the time to assess your rug and cleaning goals. They will offer the best solution to clean your rug and protect your investment. 

Faster Dry Times and Process 

Professional carpet cleaners have access to cleaning tools and technology that the regular homeowner may not know about. For example, TruRinse technology and power cleaning offers customers some of the quickest dry times in the industry.

While each rug differs, average dry times are anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. Although, the waiting period is often less than that. Check out what other customers had to say about the cleaning process. 

A Lifelong Resource 

When you work with a professional oriental rug cleaner, you create a relationship with a lifelong resource for any future maintenance needs or requests. Unlike a faceless transaction, companies like TruRinse value your business and partnership.

Professionals understand that the economic and often sentimental value of an oriental rug. They treat your prized procession as their own. 

When you pick up your newly cleaned rug, the team will walk you through the process and provide future tips to keep your carpet looking fresh for longer. As your carpet ages or if you ever have any questions, know that a professional is just a phone call or email away. 

Hire an Oriental Rug Cleaner in Utah and Protect Your Investment 

If you want to preserve the life of your rug, receive transparent pricing, and relieve the stress of cleaning, you need to hire an oriental rug cleaner in your Utah area.

Professional rug cleaners like TruRinse have decades of experience and can answer any questions about the process. Professionals avoid damages and never overlook the details. So, you can trust your oriental rug is in good hands.

Do you want to book a rug cleaning appointment? Or, do you have specific questions about your oriental rug? Contact TruRinse to speak with a professional and learn more.