In the wake of Instagram Reels and TikTok, Pinterest and DIY-ers, there are a million and two ways to clean every square inch of your home. While many of these tips and tricks might be helpful, when it comes to tile and grout cleaning, a professional clean is best.


Now, you’re probably thinking,” they’re just saying that because they clean tile and grout.” Which is absolutely true, but because we’ve been cleaning tile and grout for over 12 years, we’ve seen it all.


Let’s say that you’ve noticed it’s definitely time for a cleaning. How do you know? Check out our list of How To Know It’s Time to Clean Your Tile & Grout. Next, you might be tempted to resort to DIYs you find online, but hold off for a second and ask yourself two questions…

  1. What makes a professional cleaning different, and also worth the investment?
  2. What are good things I can do between cleanings that will get the results I want but don’t damage my flooring?


Just like anything else, there’s an art AND a science to tile and grout. Lots of these do-it-yourself tips and tricks won’t get you the clean that you want. Many of them might even be damaging your tile and grout. So here are some things to consider when it comes to tile and grout cleaning, and why a professional does it best.


1. Mopping Alone Won’t Get Things Clean


Most people were taught that mopping is the best way to keep your floors clean. However, mops tend to just spread around dirt and grime, rather than get rid of it. If you’re trying lots of different cleaning solutions, it’s going to create buildup rather than a real, true clean. So what do you do instead? At TruRinse, we use a high-steam powered wand to steam the dirt and grime out of your floors. We will never use a buffer on your tile and grout.


2. Hot Water is Key (or TruRinse Spotter Bottle Solution)


If you’re going to mop or scrub your floors, do it with a clean rag and hot water. Nothing gets a floor cleaner than some good heat application. Cleaning products can be not only harsh for your health, but they can also be harsh on your tile and grout. They can also create a layer of film over your floors than can make them tacky or sticky, which leads to even more dirt buildup. Keep things simple with hot water, and you’ll have a floor that looks good but stays clean longer as well. 


Now, if you’re wanting a more reassured clean, and the hot water doesn’t feel like enough for your needs, we also recommend using our Spotter Bottle Cleaning Solution on your tile and grout. Our solution is all-natural without any harsh chemicals. It’s going to help break up the previous cleaning solutions, as well as give you a good, disinfected clean when paired with hot water. With this product, you can feel confident using it, knowing that it’s safe for you, your family, and your pets as well.


3. Wipe Up Spills As Soon As Possible 


Many of us were taught that Saturdays are cleaning days, and while it’s great to have a scheduled day once a week to clean, little spots and spills don’t need to wait for Saturday. If you spill, take just a few seconds to wipe it up quickly. This leaves less opportunity for it to settle and potentially stain your grout, and for dirt to cling to it, making an even bigger mess a few days down the road.


4. A Toothbrush Isn’t Professional Cleaning & It Can Hurt Your Grout


Save your money AND your back. Using a toothbrush and an abrasive cleaning product is going to hurt instead of help your grout. All of that friction creates holes and uneven texture in your grout, so it might look better today, but it’s going to look and get dirtier faster in the future.


5. Consider Getting a Sealant At Your Next Cleaning


At TruRinse, we also offer sealants for both tile and natural stone, so at your next cleaning, be sure to ask your tech about adding it onto your service. Applying the sealant after a powerful steam clean means that your tile and grout will look, feel, and actually BE cleaner for longer between cleanings. We take the dirt out with us, and we leave behind truly rinsed floors that are protected, thus saving you money and protecting your investment in your home. 


6. Using the Right Tools Makes it Easy to Do It Right the First Time


Our expertise and experience will help us understand how to thoroughly and efficiently clean your floors without damaging them. Each of our technicians has been mentored by our owner for at least a year, ensuring that they have the knowledge and experience to Truly Rinse™ your tile or stone. They also know what is damage versus needing a clean, and how to help your home or business look its best.


​​There are a variety of cleaning techniques used for cleaning tile and grout. The TruRinse Approach uses a system that is very powerful – we have effective products, tools, and techniques that will leave you amazed at the results. Our cleaning system and protocols will leave your stone and tile shining, and looking better than it has in years. We love helping you and your family enjoy a cleaner home or business, which helps your overall health and wellness too. 


It can take a lot of time to get your tile and grout looking new again. We are here to help you improve how your floors look and feel. TruRinse offers exceptional, professional tile and grout or fine stone cleaning services


TruRinse Cleans a Variety of Flooring Surfaces Here in Utah 


Our technicians are trained to clean vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain tile and grout, all kinds of natural stone, and concrete floors. You can rest assured knowing that the TruRinse team has you and your flooring’s back too.  If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, you can reach out to us by phone at 801-226-6827, text us at (385) 375-7907, email us at, or go to


We’re always happy and eager to help, educate, and get out all those tough spots and spills throughout your home. Book your next tile and grout cleaning appointment today, and don’t forget: Truly Cleaned Means Truly Rinsed™