Having a pet doesn’t mean having a dirty carpet too.

However, it’s near impossible to keep a watchful eye on your furry best friend all the time. Even if you’ve potty trained your pet, teaching it to wipe its feet off is pretty much out of the question.

While pet messes are inevitable, giving up either your pet or your carpet is not an option.

Utah carpet cleaning can help ease your mind when pet accidents inevitably happen. However, if you can take preventive measures and learn easy methods of removing stains and odor to prevent damage to your carpets.

Here are eight tips from TruRinse experts that will help you maintain a fresh and clean home:

1. Keep Their Paws Clean

We’ll get into the detailed process of cleaning your carpet later on. Before that, though, let’s start with prevention.

Many carpet stains come from your pet’s paws, whether it be mud or dirt. Keeping your doggy or tabby’s footpads clean can help keep the grime from transferring to your carpet.

An easy solution would be to place a towel near your home entrance. This way, you can wipe your pet’s paws when coming home from the park. Having a spray bottle filled with water will also come in handy if you need to remove any mud.

Another great option is to use wipes instead. However, don’t use baby wipes because they may have chemicals that can harm your pet. Go with pet wipes instead, so you’re sure that your pet is safe from harmful chemicals when they lick their paws.

2. Use Pet-Proof Doormats

What if your pet enters the house on its own with muddy paws? You can’t be standing by the door the entire time with a towel and spray bottle on hand. You need a doormat to absorb dirt before they step on your carpet.

If you want to achieve this in style, you have to choose a doormat fitting for this purpose. Runners and area rugs are your best choice. Place a runner by your entry doors to catch that dirt earlier.

3. Keep Your Pet Groomed

A well-groomed pet can help keep you from having to clean your carpet in the first place. Pamper your darling with regular baths using a shampoo that keeps their skin and fur healthy. It can help prevent pet hairs from accumulating on the carpet.

Brushing your pet with a comb several times a day is another preventive measure you can take. There are combs designed especially for removing matted fur. You can use them to pick up hairs bound to fall off.

However, even regular vacuuming may not be adequate when the shedding period comes. You have to cope with the sudden surplus of pet hair. Our next tip can help you deal with this.

4. Remove Pet Hair the Right Way

Pet hairs can get embedded into your carpet fibers. It makes the hair hard to remove even with a powerful vacuum. There are several ways to eliminate hair using either baking soda or fabric softener.

Fill a spray bottle with one part fabric softener with three parts water. Spray the carpet with a light mist without saturating it, then vacuum as soon as it’s dry. The fabric softener helps to loosen up those clingy pet hairs from the carpet.

If you want a drier approach that can also deodorize the room, you can go with baking soda. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for a few minutes, then vacuum away.

5. Don’t Press with a Paper Towel

A paper towel can help you pick up a solid mess or blot up vomit and urine. However, be sure not to stomp or put any pressure on the mess.

Pressing the paper towel down on the carpet will force the liquid deep into the padding. The same goes for solids too. If you are going to use a towel you want to dab and gently let it absorb so place it on top without applying extra pressure. 

6. Use a Putty Knife for Solid Mess

A better tool than a paper towel for picking up solids is a putty knife. The smaller it is, the better.

To use the knife, you have to slide the edge-side under the mess to scrape it, then lift it up. This way, you’re sure that none of those mess gets deep into your carpet.

In case you don’t have a putty knife handy, you can also use a dull knife instead. Lightly skim the putty knife and avoid rubbing the surface.

7. Consider Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners can indeed deep clean, loosen and dissolve dirt and grime on carpets and rugs. However, with the wrong techniques, and the wrong treatment approach they can make things worse.

Here at TruRinse we know exactly what to do to get your pet spot out, and we do everything we can to leave your carpets better than we find them. 

Before we come through it is very important that you blot and dab the area of carpet with a towel while it is still fresh on the carpet. If a pet spot sits too long it can damage the carpet fibers, and make it difficult to cleanout. We encourage you to contact us right away if your pet has an accident. 

8. Don’t Aggravate Liquid Mess

It’s best for urines and vomits to use a handheld carpet extractor instead. Unlike vacuum cleaners, a carpet extractor can spray a solution to the carpet and suck out the liquid. Use solutions such as oxygenated bio-enzymatic cleaners.

Never soak your carpet with water after an accident and leave it on its own to dry. You need to complete the entire cleaning process such as:

  • using a bio-enzymatic cleaner
  • letting the dirt and spot break down,
  • thorough rinsing, and
  • drying the carpet fast.

With the right technology and know-how, you can remove any stain from your carpet. If you don’t want to do this, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning in Utah.

Take the Easy Way With Utah Carpet Cleaning

These carpet cleaning tips for pet owners can help you keep your carpet clean most of the time. However, home remedy methods like tip number 4 are temporary solutions only.

If you are short on time or find it hard to remove the stains completely, you can rely on Utah carpet cleaning from TruRinse to get the job done. Call us at (801) 226-6827 to set up an appointment or get a quote and book your appointment online, and we’ll help you with our professional carpet cleaning services.