Carpet cleaning is one of the most in-demand services in Utah because carpets require regular professional cleaning. Many people get their carpets cleaned because it not only helps get rid of spots, but professional carpet cleaning will also help remove allergens, dirt, smells, and spots, which tend to leave marks and damage the carpet if not removed on time. This ensures a high-quality hygienic living environment and extends the life of your carpet. 

There are several ways professional carpet cleaners will clean your carpet. Some of the most common methods of professional carpet cleaning are:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Bonnet system
  • Capture clean
  • Combination Steam & Bonnet (RX20) Super agitation

Steam Cleaning Method 

With the steam-cleaning method, high heat is used to remove mold, fungus, dust mites, from your carpet. Steam cleaning is the only way of completely removing these materials from the carpet. High-pressure steam will go deep towards the base of the carpet fiber and removes all dirt stuck there. Steam cleaning also uses a high power suction and vacuum system that will successfully lift out at least 95% of dirt and debris, along with the steam we use through this high temperature clean. TruRinse has very powerful machines and is known for the quality of clean, which in part is due to our approach and how we utilize our steam cleaning system. Additionally, you do not have to worry about soapy water or residue remaining inside the carpet, because we take that out with us. The carpet will not be soaking wet after the cleaning process. 

Typically, your carpets will need anywhere from 6-8 hours to fully dry, and it also depends on how large of an area you get cleaned. Good airflow will help speed up dry times as well. 

Bonnet System

The Bonnet system is commonly used because it is a low-cost method for cleaning carpets. The bonnet system uses a rotary shampoo machine which has a cotton cleaning pad soaked in a cleaning solution. 

As the machine moves over a carpet, it agitates the fibers helping the dirt to come off the fibers. A lot of this dirt is grabbed with the cleaning pad. There are several companies that use bonnet cleaning as it is easy to learn and does not cost much. 

Bonnet cleaning is good for spot cleaning. However, this is not a recommended way to deeply clean carpets. Also, the cleaners and chemicals used in this method of carpet cleaning typically remain in your carpet, which can cause long-term color changes, attract more dirt more quickly, and more. 

Capture Clean Method

The capture clean method is a system that uses a special product that has thousands of tiny particles. These look like super sponges and help in absorbing allergens, spills, and can absorb dirt easily. Capture clean is considered safe on different kinds of fabrics and fibers. However, it is still not a chosen method because of the use of harsh chemicals. It also is not designed to leave your carpets truly rinsed, which is one of the most important aspects of having truly clean carpets. 

Combination Steam & Bonnet (RX20) Super Agitation

The main objective of the super agitation method is to spread the carpet cleaning solution evenly over the carpet. The other purpose is to totally remove various soil particles and other debris which tend to cling to the fabric of the carpet. The super agitation method is a combination of two methods – the steam and buffing/bonnet method. The process helps in speeding the chemical reaction of the specific cleaning solution. However, this still leaves potentially harmful chemicals in your carpet, and may not fully leave your home or carpets clean. 

Most Effective Method: Steam Cleaning

In our experience, steam cleaning is the most-effective way of cleaning carpets. 

There are a number of reasons:

Complete Removal of Pollutants

Carpets can have dirt and pollutants in different forms which include dead bugs, pet dander, foreign particles, and dirt. Carpets can also absorb volatile organic compounds from products like paint and cigarette smoke. Steam cleaning helps remove all types of pollutants. It keeps the indoor air quality fresh and your area hygienic.

Helps to Remove Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic organisms and are present all over the home. They are present usually in carpets in large numbers, as well as in soft fabric toys, bedding, furniture, and even curtains. Dust mites can thrive in warm and moist environments. Steam cleaning carpets can completely remove dust mites and your family from allergies and other contaminants that are related to health issues.

Steam Cleaning Helps Prevent Mold

Steam cleaning is known for leaving your carpets the cleanest, and as long as they get dry,  helps reduce or prevent the growth of mold. Mold needs dust, oxygen, moisture, and a surface in order to grow. Regular steam cleaning every 6 to 12 months prevents mold from flourishing in your carpets. 

Helps to Extend the Carpet Life

If you wish to retain the originality and luster of your carpet, you need to ensure that it is deep cleaned on a regular basis. Steam cleaning is the best method for a frequent deep cleaning because it does not damage the fibers or deposit harsh chemicals on your carpet.

Steam cleaning doesn’t employ complicated equipment or harsh chemicals which is the root of what makes it accessible and convenient for all homeowners. TruRinse has been voted in the top 3 carpet cleaners in Utah county over the last few years, and we stand by our guarantee — that you will be amazed at the results. 

We know that finding someone you can trust can be challenging, and we are ready to help you be confident every step of the way, so that your home is cleaned and treated with the respect it deserves.  You can book an appointment online or give us a call at 801- 226-6827 to set up your appointment today.

Did you know you can use Steam Cleaning for Upholstery & Oriental Rugs too? We are here to help you keep your home clean to your standards.