Outside of your home, your vehicles are where you spend a good majority of your time. Driving to work, grocery shopping, picking the kids up from soccer practice, and taking your pets to the vet are all daily activities that invite dirt, mud, spills, and smells into your life. Thankfully there are steps you can take to maintain your vehicle and we have created just the tool to help you do so without a professional, the all natural TruRinse Solution Spotter Bottle, can be used in a number of areas of your home including your car. 

1. Spruce up Those Floor Mats

Nothing is dirtier than the soles of our shoes, we bring in mud, dirt, leaves, you name it your shoes have seen it. Unfortunately for our vehicles, our floor mats have to deal with the mess. Cleaning your floor mats can seem like a daunting task and using the “carpet cleaning” tools at the car wash will only get you so far. 

Start by vacuuming your mats or shaking them off. This will remove unnecessary dirt and leftover debris. Spray your TruRinse Solution directly on the stains then agitate them with a dry rag or your fingers then you want to dab the spot to get that spot off, let dry. If the spot is still there repeat as many times as needed until the spot is done. Super simple and it takes less than five minutes. 

Pro Tip: Don’t want the hassle of cleaning your floor mats? Invest in rubber car mats to avoid routine cleaning.

2. Carpets 

Even with floor mats, the carpet underneath is still at risk of getting dirty. When you remove your floor mats, be sure to vacuum the carpet underneath and check for stains. If you do discover that spills or stains have made their way from your floor mats to your carpet use your Spotter Bottle! 

Once again you will spray the spot, agitate it with a dry rag or your fingers, dab the spot with a dry or damp towel, then allow it time to dry. Repeat as needed.

3. Cloth Interior (Roof)  

Dirty fingerprints and exploded bottles happen, not just in our homes, but in our vehicles as well. Many times you’ll end up with minor stains, or dirt on your cloth roofing that may make you question how it got there and how you are going to remove it. Using the TruRinse Solution in a Spotter Bottle takes away the “how” and helps you get that cloth interior looking brand new. 

4. Any Upholstery Surface

Our TruRinse Solution Spotter Bottle can be used on numerous types of fabric (no leather or plastic), which means it can clean virtually any space in your vehicle. If you notice there are stains on any area that has upholstery, inside the trunk, the seats, even the visors, use your TruRinse Spotter Bottle to take care of the mess! 

Follow the same steps you’ve previously taken with the Spotter Bottle to remove stains, let it dry and enjoy the look and feel of a beautifully detailed vehicle. 

Our TruRinse Solution Spotter Bottle is like having a TruRinse Technician apply the Science of Cleaning in a bottle. Not only is it great for maintaining your carpets and furniture, but as you’ve seen it’s great for your vehicles as well. This multi-use all natural solution makes keeping up on messes in between cleanings a breeze, and helps maintain those harder to clean areas (such as a vehicle). 

Don’t believe us? Get your TruRinse Solution Spotter Bottle here, and start seeing the magic unfold before your very own eyes.