We see our carpets every day, but how many times do we think about how clean they are? In most households, carpet cleaning is one of those activities which is put off until it reaches an uncomfortable level. We might try rubbing away the stain with harsh chemicals, or use a vacuum, these are usually what we think about as a part of the cleaning process. We tend to forget that carpets need to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned regularly. Your carpets might not always look dirty but can be hiding plenty of dirt and debris within. If you have forgotten the last time your carpet had a deep cleaning, that is the first of several signs that it’s time to clean your carpet.

Other Indicators It’s Time to Get the Carpet Cleaned Professionally 

Your Family is Experiencing Allergies 

Many people visit doctors complaining about recurring allergies. If anyone in your household has a sudden influx in symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy skin, or eyes,  these could be signs of allergies and you should check your carpet. Environmental debris such as mold and pollen can be collected by your carpets. Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove these allergens and there is a possibility that they are thriving right under your feet.  When allergens build up in your carpet fibers it is best to have them deep cleaned to properly remove them. Steam cleaning is also the most effective way to truly clean your carpets. As we move into the colder Utah weather, now is the perfect time to get your carpets clean, because dirt tends to stick around longer when it’s cooler. 

There Are Pets and Children at Home

It’s simple that children + pets = soiled carpets. We all know that our children and pets track mud, dirt, and other debris onto the carpets almost daily. There are also accidents that result in stains that get embedded in the carpets. To keep your carpets looking good and to keep your sanity, we recommend regular steam cleanings for your carpets, once every 6 months. These can be scheduled in advance to give you peace of mind the next time a full glass of juice or milk falls to the floor. In addition to spot removal, steam cleaning your carpets and help keep your pets and children safe and healthy.

 Odd Smells in the Home

Sometimes when we walk into a home, we get hit with a foul smell and instantly we realize that something is wrong somewhere. If you are experiencing a mystery odor in your home and have tried for a long-time to find where it is coming from, check your carpet. If everything else in your home is normal, aka you have taken out the trash, and cleaned up, that the smell most likely is coming from your carpet.

Too Much Staining

It might happen that you have just gotten your carpet cleaned, but unfortunately, you spilled something and it seems like the spot turned into a stain. Although it can be inconvenient to call in the professionals again, it is best for your carpet in the long run. Letting spots sit on your carpet can permanently damage and discolor the carpets causing a stain and this may mean you will need them replaced sooner than you would like. This is especially important if you’re looking to sell your home. The look of the carpets will leave a big impression on potential buyers. 

You Have Forgotten When You Had it Cleaned

Many of us cannot quite remember when we last had carpets cleaned professionally. If this is true for you, we recommend scheduling a cleaning as soon as possible. Moving forward, we encourage you to put a reminder in your calendar, so you can keep your carpets in top-notch shape all year long. At TruRinse we advise scheduling a carpet cleaning a couple of times a year. You know how expensive your carpet is – instead of having to replace it too early, why not get it cleaned? We do everything we can to help you keep your carpets clean and in top shape, so you don’t have to replace your carpet when it just needs a good cleaning or a restretch. 

Just to Refresh it

A major spot or problem is not required to have your carpets steam cleaned. If you are wanting to clean your home, particularly because you have spent more time in your house over the last 8 months than usual, getting them cleaned is the perfect way to refresh your carpets and your home.  Regular cleaning will maintain the look and quality of your carpets.  Our TruRinse certified professionals will take every measure to truly rinse and truly clean your carpets, leaving your home better than we found it.   If you are ready to get your carpets cleaned here in Utah County or Salt Lake County, contact TruRinse today to discuss your carpet cleaning needs. Our staff can recommend the best course of action and as always you can count on to have ZERO hidden fees. We will charge you what we quote you – unless you add something at the time of service, but we will be upfront about that cost too. Call TruRinse Today to book your appointment. Did you know we also clean Rugs & Upholstery? “Holy COW! Our carpets look amazing! Our carpet is almost 20 years old and we’ve had several companies come in over the years – We keep threatening to replace it, but after today – It’s good to go another 20! Scott was so polite and professional. We’ll be calling them for upholstery soon.”  John Harris