You may not think about cleaning your sofa until it gets a stain, so a deep upholstery cleaning might be in order. Here’s how often you should clean your upholstery.

Every year, the furniture repair and reupholstery industry are worth more than $1.5 billion in the United States alone. However, people might not spend so much on repairs if they focused more on maintenance. Learning a little bit more about how to take care of upholstery will save you money in the long run!

Many people don’t realize how valuable regular upholstery cleaning can be. Those who enjoy the benefits of upholstery cleaning for the first time often return for it again and again. But what is it about regular upholstery cleaning that provides so much value?

Read on to learn about how often you should get the upholstery cleaned and what advantages it can provide!

How Often is Cleaning Upholstery Necessary?

Many people are surprised at how often you need to clean upholstery. After all, some people go years without ever cleaning their furniture. However, it is important to realize that people who do not clean their upholstery do not enjoy the same experience as those who do, and your upholstery doesn’t usually last as long when you don’t clean it. 

There is a big difference between how much value you get out of dirty furniture and how much value you get out of clean furniture. Many people do not realize this because of how gradually furniture gets dirty.

When you think about it, it makes sense that you would need to schedule regular cleaning for your upholstery. After all, everything else in your home needs regular cleaning, like your carpet, your kitchen, and your sheets, and people use the upholstery more often than they use many other things in the home.

When upholstery is new, people revel in it. They enjoy how soft it feels and how beautiful it looks. However, after 6 months, upholstery starts to lose a lot of its appeal, and you may not be fully aware of why. 

Because this happened gradually, people do not realize how much less they are enjoying their furniture than they used to. If you have not had clean upholstery in a while, you might consider scheduling a cleaning as an experiment.

It is amazing to see for yourself how much more you enjoy your upholstery when it is clean. That can help you appreciate how important it is to keep your upholstery clean along with everything else in your home.

Different Households Need Different Cleaning Schedules

So how often do you need to clean your upholstery to get the most out of it? In most cases, your upholstery will need a good cleaning every 6 months or so. In homes without children and pets, you might be able to stretch that number up to 12 months if you are careful.

When you think about it, it is amazing that you can keep the upholstery in good condition when you clean it only once every 6 months or so. That is a testament to how resilient upholstery is! 

If you eat on your couch, drink when you sit on your favorite chair, and enjoy popcorn on the loveseat, then all these things can soil and dirty your upholstery faster. 

How to Clean a Sofa Effectively

Many people are amazed to find out that you can see when upholstery needs cleaning. Most people look for stains or marks when they are assessing if upholstery is clean, but it’s really about how it looks. 

It is easy to forget how different clean and dirty upholstery look. You can tell the difference not by looking for isolated marks, but rather by looking for the quality of the entire surface of the upholstery. Clean upholstery tends to have brighter colors, and dirty upholstery has a dimness to it that can be hard to recognize as a sign to be cleaned. 

As people use upholstery, they leave natural oils from the body across the surface. This is why dirty upholstery loses its softness and volume. Oils cause the fibers in upholstery to stick together, creating a rougher surface that is less pleasant to feel.

Once you understand this, it makes sense why many assume it is important to use soap to remove the oils from upholstery. However, even many professional upholstery cleaning services will fail to truly rinse™ the upholstery after applying soap to it.

This is unfortunate because residues from soaps can affect the quality of upholstery as much as oils from bodies. To clean upholstery in as effective a way as possible, it is essential to rinse it. In other words, truly clean means truly rinsed™  when it comes to upholstery. The TruRinse All-Natural Solution also brings natural enzymes to your fibers to deeply clean, bringing oil and dirt to the surface and making it easy for us to truly rinse upholstery fibers. 

Cleaning a Sofa Improves Its Appearance

A good upholstery cleaning will help your furniture look brighter. It will also have a more even tone and a softer texture after it dries. All of this helps your upholstery to look as beautiful as it did when it was new.

Cleaning Sofa Cushions Eliminate Odors

Many people turn to upholstery cleaning services because they discover odors in their upholstery. These can be almost impossible to remove without professional tools and training.

It is hard to overestimate how much it can improve the quality of life you can enjoy at home when everything smells fresh and clean.

If you have pets or kids, sometimes these accidents aren’t fully noticed until it starts to smell bad, and that is a sure sign it’s time for a deep cleaning. 

Cleaning Lets You Enjoy Your Upholstery Longer

Cleaning your upholstery doesn’t just allow you to get more enjoyment from it on a day-to-day basis. It also extends the lifespan of your upholstery. That means that regular cleanings are a way to save money as well.

Of course, this makes sense when you compare it to most other things in the home. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance is much more affordable in the long run than waiting for things to break down until you need to repair or replace them.

Remove Allergens From Your Home With Upholstery Cleaning

Some people suffer from chronic respiratory conditions at home. They may think they are reacting to allergies from outdoors. However, in many cases, upholstery gathers allergens and dust and keeps them in the home.

At that point, people will be exposed to allergens on a daily basis until they are removed from the upholstery.

How to Choose the Right Upholstery Cleaning Service

To find the best upholstery cleaning service for you, it can help to look at ratings and reviews online. There can be a big difference between average upholstery cleaning services and the best upholstery cleaning you can find in your area. It may take a little longer to find the right company for you, but it will be more than worth it!

Here at TruRinse we have been serving our Utah community for over 12 years, and we have been voted the #1 Professional Carpet Cleaners 5 years in a row from Utah Valley 360. We are here to help you love and enjoy your home, and your upholstery.  

Understand How Often to Get Upholstery Cleaning

Many people are shocked at how big of a difference upholstery cleaning can make. Once they get it the first time, they realize why so many people make it a regular part of their household maintenance. If you have not had upholstery cleaning before, it is worth scheduling a cleaning to find out for yourself how much it can do for your upholstery.

It’s easy as 1,2,3 to get your appointment booked. First, request a quote online, or you can even call us or text us at 801-226-6827. Second, approve your quote, and third book a day and time that works for you! Our goal is that you are amazed with the whole process, from booking to your appointment to your dry times!