The benefits of having clean carpets in your business space are often overlooked, ignored, or considered to cost too much money. But trust us when we say the benefits outweigh the cost. Professional carpet cleaning is a long-term investment that has a high return on investment. 

Starting your business wasn’t cheap. You put a lot of time and investment into making it what it is today. Long hours and hard-earned money went into designing the right space to welcome your customers or to house your employees. You may or may not be surprised to know how many companies don’t think to care for their carpets. Maintaining and caring for all of those investments you made to build your business is one of many essential steps in securing the longevity of your brick-and-mortar space. 

We hope that commercial carpet cleaning is on your regular maintenance to-do list. The carpet in your commercial space plays a significant role in your business’s comfort and approachability to your customers. Keeping your carpets clean and maintaining them regularly will ensure they last their full lifetime. At TruRinse, we encourage business owners to have their carpets professionally cleaned several times a year. Here are our top reasons why investing in a business carpet cleaning service is necessary and worth it.

1. Promote a Healthier Work Environment

There are a variety of studies that show the correlation between dirty workplaces and their adverse effects on employee mental and physical health. (Research here, here, and here.) It’s no secret that people, whether at work or home, do better and are more productive in clean and well-maintained environments. 

Dirty and messy workplaces create issues with employee productivity and their ability to work. It can cause undue stress, anxiety, and even physical sickness. Your carpets likely experience a large amount of foot traffic, and while vacuuming daily removes a majority of the visible dirt it’s what you can’t see that is creating a problem. 

Your carpet harbors a lot of dirt, debris, and deep down in its fibers, way down where a vacuum isn’t going to reach. Without being taken care of regularly, this buildup can have a negative impact on the air quality inside your office. If left unchecked, It can contribute to your employees taking more sick days. You and your employees could experience:

– Allergies, 

– Respiratory issues 

– Skin reactions,

– Mental and physical fatigue 

– Headaches

– and More. 

These are just a few of the ways dirty carpets, and unclean office environments can take a toll on your employees.

2. Protect Your Investment

The carpet you’re currently using in your commercial space likely wasn’t cheap. If you prioritize maintaining and caring for it properly, it will last you its full lifetime. However, neglecting to care for it can cause your carpet fibers’ premature breakdown and, ultimately, the breakdown of your entire carpet. This happens when the dirt and debris down in the carpet fibers become embedded from repeated and heavy foot traffic and cause the carpet fibers to break down and weaken, damaging the carpet’s strength, stability and appearance. 

Take a moment and think about all the dirt, and other particles that are tracked in and around your office all day. Commercial carpet cleaning services can increase the longevity of your carpet. Plus, when it comes time to replace your carpet, the manufacturer may ask for or require proof-of-care evidence before they will honor the warranty.

3. Experts in Stain Removal

Getting your carpets cleaned means more than just removing dust and dirt from your carpets. It’s also about giving your carpet a facelift. The possibilities are endless for the types of stains your carpet will see in its lifetime. And let’s be honest, trying to get stains out of your carpet isn’t fun and never seems to work no matter how much elbow grease you put into it. You also run the risk of leaving behind soap/cleaner particles that could further damage the carpet. 

Professional carpet cleaners can remove noticeable and hard-to-remove spots and stains and apply stain protectants that will help your carpets last longer. Because no two stains are ever exactly the same, TruRinse technicians have the knowledge and professional equipment to handle any stain.

4. Save time and Energy  

Hiring a business carpet cleaner will save you time and energy. While many will argue that it isn’t cost-effective. It’s the exact opposite. Purchasing your carpet cleaning equipment and hiring a cleaning crew to use them won’t be worth the investment if the knowledge and experience isn’t there. Factor in the cost of paying that cleaning crew and fixing mistakes that weren’t handled correctly the first time, and it could end up costing you more in the end. 

Instead of taking time out of your busy day or spending more time away from your family to try and clean your carpets, TruRinse offers after-hours and weekend carpet cleaning services. This allows for your carpets to be cleaned at a time that won’t cause any interruptions to your employees or leave you with the appearance of wet carpet. 

Carpet cleaning professionals like TruRinse use equipment and techniques that are more efficient and effective than store-bought or rented carpet cleaning machines. And we can get it done right the first time. Don’t risk having to go back and do something a second time. It may cause irreversible damage. Different carpet materials often require different cleaning methods depending on the type of carpet and stain or spot present.  

Clean carpets are a vital part of a business’s appearance, both outward and inward. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to keep our business environments clean. Let TruRinse help you create a healthy, beautiful, and inviting environment for your team and your customers. 

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