It’s common knowledge that anything you take care of properly is going to last longer than it would if not taken care of, and your carpet is no exception. 

 Carpet cleaning is one of the most common DIY cleaning tasks that people try and do themselves in an effort to save money, and while spot cleaning and taking care of your carpet is important, sometimes it’s best left to the professionals. There are many habits and misconceptions when we clean our carpets ourselves that actually cause more damage than they do good. 

Below are six of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes we see here at TruRinse, particularly with customers we help here in Utah. 

1. Overuse of Carpet Deodorizers. People often spray or use powder deodorizers often as a means of keeping things fresh and smelling clean. However, they are not meant to be used as a cleaner and cannot help with stain removal. Additionally, repeated use of these products can cause significant buildup over time and actually make your carpets dirtier. Traditional vacuums often don’t have enough power to remove the buildup that a deodorizer can cause. If these are used improperly, then it can also attract dirt and have it stick to your carpet, and any dirt that stays in your carpet for long periods of time can cause additional wear and tear. Particularly is your carpet is made of polyester.

 2. Too Much Scrubbing. When cleaning small areas of your carpet it is important that you are not scrubbing as hard as you can. This is damaging in two ways. First, you are only going to push the stain, debris, and dust further down into the carpet fibers, gravity will always win. Second, scrubbing fiercely is also going to cause significant damage to carpet fibers. Making them weaker and causing them to fray and even fall apart or separate completely from the carpet padding. The extent of damage can really depend on the type of materials it is made of, and newer carpet is not built to last as long as some of the carpets that were more popular over the last decade.  

 When cleaning an accident on your carpet, you want to blot it with a damp, white rag. Using a colored rag can cause the colors to bleed into the carpet and cause further damage. 

 3. Using Too Much Water. Remember the golden rule of less is more? That should absolutely never be forgotten when cleaning carpets. If your carpet absorbs too much water, it may not be able to completely dry properly, which can cause mold growth, and even cause carpet shrinking or tearing. Flooding your carpet is always a bad thing, and is the number one thing we see customers who choose to clean at home do. There are also many carpet cleaners who flood your carpet, and in the long run, this only makes it harder to truly rinse, and truly clean your carpet. The goal of cleaning should be to leave nothing behind but clean carpets, not water, not soap, not dirt, nothing.  

4. Not Vacuuming Often Enough. This is a common mistake for most people. Regular vacuuming is important for the longevity of your carpets. It is recommended that you aim to vacuum your carpets at least once per week, more often if you have pets. Vacuuming lifts away all the dust, debris, and particles that are left on your carpet each day. If you are not routinely vacuuming your carpets, the dust and debris will continue to be pushed further down in the carpet fibers and over time will start causing damage.  

5. Treating a Spot or Stain Improperly. When treating spots or stains on your carpet it is very important to understand how to handle and care for accidents that happen. All too often we see damaged and discolored carpets as the result of an improper attempt to clean up an accident where an incorrect cleaning solution or cleaning technique was used (i.e. using a colored rag, too much water, or cleaning solution applied). 

 Carpet fibers are made from a wide variety of materials and not all can be handled or cleaned the same way. Make sure you follow the cleaning guideline recommended by the manufacturer of your carpet. Do your research and find acceptable cleaning solutions for your carpet before cleaning, and always make sure to do a spot check on a small area of your carpet before applying to it larger area.

It can take a lot of work to find the right solution, and the right products, which is a big reason why we encourage you to use a professional. A professional who is certified by carpet manufacturers will understand the science behind how to clean each kind of material, and take such good care of your carpet that you replace your carpets because you get sick of your carpet color and not because it’s damaged.  

6. Not Calling a Professional Carpet Cleaner. Regular and professional carpet cleaning is necessary to help extend the life of your carpet and promote a healthier indoor living environment. It is generally recommended that carpets are cleaned anywhere from every 6 to 8 months, depending on how high the level of foot traffic is.  

 Renting carpet cleaning equipment cannot provide anywhere near the type of cleaning power that a professional cleaning company with a truck mount and steam cleaning system has. Also not all carpet cleaners are the same, so make sure they are taking the majority of what they put on your carpet out with them, along with everything else that was in your carpet too. 

No carpet is exactly the same and professional carpet cleaners, like the experts here at TruRinse, know the difference between carpets and how to approach different styles and types of carpeting. Additionally, it’s likely the rented machines haven’t been properly serviced or cleaned, which can further damage your carpets by leaving behind excess cleaning solutions, which can often lead to mold damage if the excess moisture is not quickly and properly removed. Damaged cleaning machines can also cause permanent damage to carpet fibers. 

 We are Here for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

At TruRinse, we work hard to earn the trust of our customers all throughout the state of Utah. We take our work seriously and guarantee a proper clean for all the carpets in your home. We are also trained and certified technicians who understand the science behind carpet cleaning, making sure you are confident and it’s the reason why we guarantee you will be amazed! 

Our experienced technicians are here to make sure the carpet in your home will last you for years to come. We also have a reputation for getting spots out that other carpet cleaners here in Utah can’t and we promise to take the time and leave your carpets truly rinsed and your home cleaner than we found it each and every time. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to book online and you can also contact our office at 801-226-6827. We look forward to helping you avoid these common DIY carpet cleaning mistakes, and to decrease the stress it takes to keep your home clean.