Have you been cleaning your home, but it still feels… dirty? Or maybe it’s not dirty, but it doesn’t look as good as it once did? Try getting your upholstery cleaned!

Dirt and bacteria clings to the upholstery on your armchairs, love seats, sofas, sectionals, and throw pillows. Under a microscope, dirt particles have jagged edges that wear away at the fibers in your upholstery. 

So what once looked bright and new now looks dingy and dull. That’s why regular upholstery cleaning is so important! Clean upholstery truly can be the difference between drab and fab. You’ll spend anywhere from 50 to 62% of your awake time in your home, and we want you to love the space you’re in. 

There are a plethora of DIY ways in which you can get your upholstery clean, but with each of these options, you run the risk of doing more damage than good, and we want to help protect your investment in furniture. Whether you got it brand new, got a couch on Facebook Marketplace, or for found an armchair for free, if you love something, treat it right! 

When a professional upholstery cleaner comes to your home, here are 5 things they look for when they clean your furniture.


1. Initial Inspection


Before jumping right in, a professional will look over your upholstery and take note of what your upholstery is made of. Different kinds of fibers are treated differently, and in order to most effectively clean (without ruining) your upholstery, a technician needs to know what they’re working with. 

This step might also include looking at the furniture’s care label if one is attached or included. Yup, even the pros believe in reading instructions! At TruRinse, our technicians are trained to understand fibers, even if we can’t find a tag, so that way we can truly clean it right the first time.


2. Color Sensitivity


Next, a true professional is going to check your upholstery for color sensitivity. This means they’re looking for inconsistencies in the color of your fabrics or fibers. This discoloration can happen if your upholstery is sitting out in the sun, or a spot is on an area for too long. 

The tech will turn over the furniture cushions, looking for inconsistencies between fabric shades, as well as wear marks on the cushion, chair back, and armrests. We take the time to notice the details and to make sure that your upholstery is treated and cleaned properly. 


3. Abnormal Wear


Over time, whether by dirt, soiling, or sunshine, your upholstery is going to age, which 

may lead to permanent staining or discoloration. When a true professional comes to clean your upholstery, they will take note of spots and stains from spills, the natural oils in your skin, or even any rusting they find near the hardware of the furniture. 

Taking note of these elements helps your technician know better how the cleaning is going to go. If a spot is left on upholstery for too long, it will cause damage to your furniture, and it’s important that your technician can communicate a realistic result before they complete the cleaning.


4. Hidden Problems


Fourth, a true professional upholstery cleaner is going to check your upholstery for wear patterns in the texture of the fabric, tearing of seams, broken zippers, or damage to the fibers (like rips or tears). They’re looking to ensure that the integrity of your upholstery 

isn’t compromised, and if it is, they’ll know how best to treat it without causing further damage to your upholstery.


5. Soiled Areas


Finally, a professional upholstery cleaner is going to look for the most obvious parts: soiled areas. From there, they can begin cleaning your upholstery so it’s truly cleaned and truly rinsed, leaving your upholstery looking fresh, and it makes your home feel truly clean.

After you’ve got a true professional upholstery cleaning, you’ll want to keep it clean for as long as possible. 


Here are some tips and tricks for extending the clean on all your upholstery:


Vacuum Regularly

Making a weekly habit out of vacuuming the soil and dirt off of your upholstery can help keep the color of the fibers vibrant, as well as aid in keeping allergens that might be in your upholstery to a minimum. 


Keep Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

The fading of your upholstery is always going to happen faster when it’s exposed to constant direct sunlight. Do what you can to keep it out of direct sunlight, or you can move your furniture around every few months, and rotate and flip your upholstered cushions. You can also use throw pillows and blankets as a cover over your upholstery.


Apply Protectant After Cleaning

After getting your upholstery cleaned with TruRinse, we offer an upholstery protectant that creates an invisible barrier that repels spots and stains longer, so your upholstery stays looking and smelling fresh longer too!


Limit Pet Contact

If you have pets, and they’ll be getting on your upholstery, we recommend laying down a blanket to create a barrier. This keeps your couch or armchair from collecting pet hair, oils, and potential dirt and allergens your furry friend might track into your home and onto your upholstery.


Use the Spotter Bottle

If you happen to spill on your upholstery, immediately use our All-Natural Spotter Bottle Solution. It’s pet-friendly and you can use it on your upholstery, carpets, and rugs, but also on your clothes, shoes, and more! Our Spotter Bottle is a versatile product that only takes a few sprays to get even the toughest spots out. We guarantee you’ll be amazed!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to get your appointment booked. First, request a quote online, or you can even call us or text us at 801-226-6827. Second, approve your quote, and third book a day and time that works for you! Our goal is that you are amazed at the whole process, from booking to your appointment to your dry times!