Let’s face it, as much as you might try to keep your carpet squeaky clean, accidents are inevitable and can often be panic inducing. Spots and stains on your carpet are best resolved when they can be tackled right away, but it’s not a task that can or should be rushed. Our TruRinse professionals are experts in addressing spots and spills. Below are some things you should avoid as well as steps you should take to clean up those daily messes. 

A couple things NOT to do when tackling a spot or stain on your carpet:

1)   Don’t scrub your carpet initially. Overagitating can break down and weaken the structure and fibers of your carpet, which may result in your carpet fraying. If you scrub your carpet without removing most of the spill, you will cause the spill to spread further and also push it into the fibers of your carpet and possibly even into the carpet padding.  

2)  Avoid common all-purpose cleaners.Don’t use an all-purpose spray cleaner, bleach, or anything containing bleach, or detergent to try and get out the spill. Modern carpet is unique and complex. It’s made to include a variety of different fabrics and includes synthetic finishes and protectants, all of which contain their own set of chemicals. Unless specific to carpet, using commercial cleaning products is not advised. These are often the main causes of irreversible damage we see on carpets. Your carpet was not designed to handle the chemicals in these products and they will cause damage to the dyes and fibers in your carpet. Consider all natural cleaning products which minimize chemical reactions or re-soiling.

 Cleaning carpet is a delicate process and should be done in a specific way because improper cleaning can often cause irreversible damage to the material and fibers of your carpet. Here are a few recommended emergency steps to take when tackling a spot or stain on your carpet. 

Step One: Remove or Scoop Away any Solid Material

Getting to the heart of the stain or spill will be much easier once all solid pieces, if any, have been removed. Scoop away with a spoon or butter knife. Avoid agitating the spill during this step. Doing so may cause the spill to spread or go deep into the fibers. 

Step Two: Apply a Blotting technique

Your first step should be to use a clean white absorbent material, like a cloth or paper towel, and working from the outside in, blot the area until the cloth no longer picks up the color of the spill. 

Using a white cloth or paper towel over a colored cloth is recommended because using something colored could cause the dye from the cloth to bleed into your carpet as you are cleaning. Remember that using a scrubbing motion on your carpet will distort carpet fibers, cause it to fuzz, and damage the structure and durability of your carpet materials. 

 Step Three: Rinse with Clean Water but Don’t Over-Wet Carpet.

After you have finished blotting away the excess moisture from the spill, blot the spill with a fresh damp cloth and rinse out the cloth frequently. Do not apply water directly to the stain or oversaturate as this can cause your carpet to further absorb the spill making it harder to remove and causing a more permanent stain. It can also lead to other problems such as carpet lifting. 

After blotting with a damp cloth, use a dry cloth to soak up any residual moisture. Press down firmly on the cloth or towel to ensure the area dries properly.  

If you use a carpet cleaning solution, read all instructions before applying it to your carpet and do a test on a small hidden patch of carpet before using it on a spill. The last thing you want to do is cause more damage to a spill with a cleaner that isn’t right for your carpet. When choosing which cleaning solution is best for you, consider the ingredients included. Avoid products which bleach or detergents. Consider all natural cleaners designed specifically for carpets.

 Step Four: Repeat the Process if Necessary

Does the spill area appear to be getting smaller or disappearing? Depending on the severity of the spot or stain, you may need to repeat steps two and three multiple times before noticing a difference. 

Step Five: Call the Professionals 

Cleaning up messes can be stressful, especially if you do not know how to properly handle them. If you have done everything you can and the spot or stain will not go away, it’s time to bring in the professionals, like TruRinse.

It’s not easy to find competent carpet professionals that can be trusted completely, but you can put your trust in TruRinse. We have been fully dedicated to carpet cleaning and repairing for more than a decade and ensure thorough and detail-oriented work. We use chemical-free technology that won’t damage carpets, we only use safe methods of cleaning and restoring your carpets.

 Don’t let those spots and stains sit any longer! Call us at (801) 226-6827 or book an appointment online with us today!  

 Last Updated on February 15, 2024.