If you can think back to how your tile looked when it was freshly laid, isn’t it beautiful? Specifically, the way your grout glowed and pulled the rest of the room together. It certainly may not cut it now. No matter how hard or long you scrub, you’re starting to think that that grout will never look clean again. 

TruRinse has some good news for you. You can get that tile and grout looking better than ever by using professional tile cleaning services in Utah County or Salt Lake County. 

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be taking advantage of the professionals here in Utah on this one, instead of DIY.  

1. Save Time & Energy

First and foremost, it will save you time and energy. Cleaning your tile and grout is hard work. It takes a lot of time and it often doesn’t come out looking as good as you hoped it would. That’s too much time for you to be wasting on cleaning the grout. Let us do it and save you the hassle. You could be doing more important things like playing with your kids, or taking them to practice, while we do the dirty work. 

2. Why using a toothbrush is counterproductive. 

We’re sorry to have to tell you this but just because the toothbrush is small enough doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. In fact, cleaning with a toothbrush can be time consuming and you still may not see the results you are hoping for. Using your DIY concoctions of bleach and hydrogen peroxide will actually do more harm than good to your tile and grout. Why not let the professional come and do it. You will save your back, time and money. 

3. Keep it Sealed and Protected After You Are Done Cleaning

At TruRinse, we have the capabilities to not only clean your tile but seal and protect it once we’re done. This is an important part of our tile cleaning process because the right seal can extend the life of your tile and grout and keep it clean longer. 

4. Mopping Your Tile Just Won’t Get it Clean All the Way

Even though mopping does make the kitchen look nice, it is not a great way to thoroughly clean tile and grout, because grout is porous, it can collect mold, mildew, and grime when you mop. It basically pushes all of these unseen horrors into the grout in your tile where it stays until a professional hand can get a hold of it. A mop is a great cleaning tool but when it comes to grout, it can only get you so far.

We have a specific machine we use to clean your tile and grout that pulls the dirt up off the tile so we can take the dirt and grime out with us, leaving your tile Truly Clean and Truly Rinsed™. 

5. Make Sure it Dries Properly 

Finally, tile and grout needs to dry properly after it is cleaned. Grout especially needs that because if it isn’t then it will continue to absorb water and eventually rot away. At TruRinse, our goal is to leave your home better than we found it which is why we make sure that we include proper drying methods in our cleaning process. We want you to be happy with your tile and grout cleaning without worrying about it chipping out or rotting down.

Don’t let your tile suffer from the cruelties of a toothbrush. Let us do the dirty work and clean your tile and grout. It will save you time and energy and give your mop a well earned break too. As your tile is cleaned, dried properly, sealed, and protected, you can rest easy knowing that our hard work is your reward in the form of a beautifully fresh and clean floor for your beautiful home. 

If you are looking for a company that will help you keep your home beautiful, save you time, energy and stress, as well as ensure your tile and grout is truly clean and dried properly; contact TruRinse at 801-577-8267 or start the booking process online to schedule an appointment for truly exceptional service!