So you’ve just seen a really cool DIY video online about how to clean your tile and grout, and you want to try it out. PAUSE!


The next steps you take could be the difference between keeping your tile and grout nice and pretty, and a rather sad state of affairs. And for you and your wallet’s sake, we’d like to suggest an alternate approach to putting toilet bowl cleaner on your grout.


Tile, Grout, and Sealant  — How These All Work Together? 


It’s first important to know about your tile and grout’s history. What kind of tile do you have? When was the last time it was cleaned? What kinds of products have been put on your tile and grout previously? Whether it’s a cleaning solution or a sealant, knowing the past can save you hassle in the long run, as well as some money. And we want you to feel confident that you’re taking proper care of your tile and grout


Another element that’s important to know about is what kind of sealant was put on your floor last. Different sealants do different kinds of things, and putting the wrong sealant on your flooring can be incredibly damaging. 


If a topical sealant has been put on your floors, that will need to be removed prior to putting on a new sealant. Now you might be wondering, “how am I supposed to know the answers to all these questions?!” This is why hiring a professional is so important. As a professional tile and grout cleaning service, our TruRinse technicians can come and assess your tile and grout, have some insights into what has previously happened, and they can help you know what your best options are moving forward.


It’s important to us that you have floors that:


  1. You Love + Look Good
  2. Are Properly Taken Care Of
  3. Aren’t Something You Need to Have Cleaned or Redone Constantly


How Can Proper Care Maintain or Increase The Value of Your Home? 


  1. Maintained tile and grout is happy tile and grout. You don’t have to worry about potential damage if you’re taking care of your flooring.
  2. Taking care of your grout correctly now means way less work later when you want to sell your home. 
  3. It improves not only the quality, but also the feel of your home (even the carpet next to the tile). 
  4. A professional tile and grout cleaning service uses the appropriate tools and methods that leave your tile looking great long term. 
  5. Without a professional, it’s hard to get the tile to look brand new, like when you moved in. Doing it yourself could cause more damage than good. 
  6. It’s like regular maintenance on your car: oil changes means the car runs better, and it extends its life. Tile and grout cleanings, carpet cleanings, upholstery cleanings, etc., all mean that you can extend the life and value of your flooring and your home because you take good care of it. 
  7. Long term care for flooring means that it looks good for a long time. Small investments now in proper and professional tile and grout cleaning leads to saving money in the long run. You won’t need to make as many replacements or updates with the correct care.


How to Know if you Need Sealant or Not? 


If you want your grout to last, having the proper sealant on it is vital. If it’s so important, then the installers would have applied it when your house was built, right? Wrong. Grout needs time to set and cure, so it’s something you’ll need to follow up on as a homeowner. Why is sealant so important? Grout is naturally porous; it traps germs, bacteria, spots and stains. Sealant creates an even layer over your grout, ensuring it’s protected, AND makes it easier to clean. Two birds, one clean floor!


But how can you tell if it’s time for sealant? It’s simple: just dribble a few drops of water onto your grout. If it changes color or darkens, that means that your floor needs to be resealed. Another way to tell is it’s been a few years (or you can’t remember how long it’s been) and your floors are a challenge to clean. But before you can seal your flooring, it’s important that your tile and grout are cleaned. That’s where TruRinse comes in!


True Cleaning Process for Tile & Grout with TruRinse the Best Professionals Here in Utah 


Many of the tile and grout cleaning videos you’ll see online involve a buffer and an abrasive solution to get that top layer of dirt and grime off of your floors. This method can cause damage to both your sealant AND the tile underneath. At TruRinse, our approach includes a low-profile pressure washer that uses suction and angled jets that gently spins on top of your tile. This approach uses steam rather than intense friction to get your tile and grout clean, so it isn’t going to wear down or damage your floors. We also use our all natural cleaning solution, and follow the science of cleaning so that way your clean lasts. 


If you’re looking to maintain or increase the value of your home through consistent cleaning and sealing of your tile and grout, give us a call! Our technicians are trained to know which services will best fit your needs, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed! You can book an appointment or give us a call at 801-226-6827. We’ll give you a quote with no hidden fees! And remember: truly cleaned means truly rinsed™.