At TruRinse Carpet Cleaning, we believe that everyone deserves a quality carpet cleaning at a time and price that works for you. And we want to always be providing the best possible cleanings we can. This company was created after our founder, Matt Ashdown, realized that traditional processes weren’t the most effective or good for your carpet. So he went back to the basics, and that’s how the TruRinse Approach was born! 


We apply the basic science of cleaning so that we can consistently get dirt and grime out of your carpets. Many years ago, Matt decided to try something different in his cleaning approach. These small details mattered way more than he initially thought. And to this day we still apply this knowledge inside of the TruRinse Approach. 


What is this small detail you may ask? It is the literal motion used with the carpet wand on your carpets, combined with correct suction and equipment in your truck mount to ensure that the water leaves with the carpet cleaner and isn’t left behind. 


Incorrect Wand Movement in the Flood & Suck Method Leaves Your Carpets Soaked & They Will Take Forever to Dry 


Traditionally, a carpet cleaner will come to your house, vacuum your carpet (and charge you an additional fee for this), wet it with a cleaning solution of some kind, and then use the Flood & Suck Method. This is when the technician places the carpet cleaning wand close to their body, pushes it forward, and then pulls it back towards them. 


What’s happening with every push forward, your carpet gets flooded with water, and the pull back is supposed to suck up that water. Sounds pretty logical, right? 


Here’s why the Flood and Suck method doesn’t actually help get your carpets truly clean.


1. Low Water Return

Flood and suck literally means the flooding of your carpet, but that also means that because that water is sitting longer than usual even a few seconds, it soaks into your carpet pad, and the technician has to make lots of passes over a single area to get that water out. 

That process is incredibly time consuming, so the next option becomes air-drying. That’s why dry times have traditionally been so long because carpet cleaners do not know how to clean with the application of the industry’s technology. 


You have a life to get back to living; waiting for your carpets to dry over 24 hours, or even overnight, is not practical. Our average dry times tend to be 6-8 hours and that’s because we can take up to 95% of the water with us.


2. Increased Friction


Loads of friction on your carpet at any one time can do more damage than good, so the repeated back and forth motion can wear your carpets out faster. That also means that if your carpet cleaning company is using a solution that suds up, bubbles will be created, leading to more water being required to get the solution out of your carpets.


This leads to more water being left behind, particularly if they are not using their cleaning wand with the right suction in their truck mount. Getting the minor details of the science of carpet cleaning process right can determine the difference between an ok clean and an AMAZING clean. 


3. Suds Lead to Crunchy Carpets


When there’s a lot of suds in your carpet it’s almost impossible to get all of it out, and nobody likes crunchy, tacky carpet after a carpet cleaning. When soap gets left in your carpets it makes the fibers sticky, so your carpet will look, feel, and BE dirty much faster. Suds left behind attract dirt, grime, and residue. If you are seeing trails or pathways shortly after a clean, you either have really dirty shoes or your carpets were not truly cleaned or truly rinsed. At that point, you might wonder if getting the carpet cleaned was worth it at all.


But carpet cleanings don’t have to be followed by regret. In fact, at TruRinse, we guarantee that you’ll be amazed! So why is it that we can guarantee what others hope for, but can’t promise? It’s because we dove into the science of it all, and we’ve replaced the flood and suck method with the TruRinse Approach


The TruRinse Approach is The Best Method to Give You the Fastest Dry Times


Our approach combines technology, the science of cleaning all-natural products, and our expertise paired with best practices. Here are some other small details that make a huge difference in AMAZING results each and every time we clean.   


1. Wand Motions


Rather than pushing and pulling the carpet cleaning wand, our technicians place the wand away from the body, then pull it towards their body. One motion on one area. This motion, along with our high-powered truck mount and hot water, is what’s going to truly rinse your carpets without flooding them. 


*Even if other carpet cleaners do this it also comes down to the correct settings and equipment in the back of their truck mounted system to leave nothing but truly rinsed carpets behind.*


2. We CHAT (The Core Components of the Science of Carpet Cleaning) 


CHAT is an acronym for the 4 parts of carpet cleaning: Cleaning solution, Heat, Agitation, and Time. When you maintain the balance of all four components, carpet cleaning suddenly becomes a breeze.

  1. C: We use our pet-friendly, all-natural Spotter Bottle Cleaning Solution.
  2. H: We allow the 210-230 degree water do all the work so we don’t have to go pass after pass over your carpets; that’s our heat component.
  3. A: Agitation comes from the carpet raking we do after we’ve applied the solution onto your carpet. 
  4. T: Time is applied between when the solution is sprayed down and when we go over your carpet with the wand. This gives the solution time to do the hard work for us, so all we have to do is truly rinse your carpets clean. 

We’ve found the perfect combination of all four components to ensure that your carpet is clean. Truly cleaned means truly rinsed™.


3. Our Specialized Equipment


We combine our steam cleaning with our specialized truck mount that’s set to just the right PSI, with the right wand, and the right settings and process order so your carpets are left clean and free of contaminants, pet spots, food spills, grease, normal dirt, and stain, along with anything else that doesn’t belong on clean carpets or even upholstery. 


4. Expertise & Knowledge Applied to Every Service


Other carpet cleaning companies don’t require certification, but at TruRinse, we spent years refining this process and we spend hundreds of hours teaching and training our technicians. That way, regardless of who comes to your home, you can count on quality and consistency. Our goal from the beginning has been that you can have a reliable clean each and every single time you work with TruRinse, so you can focus on more important things in your life, things you actually love doing. 


If you’ve been burned by carpet cleaners in the past, but are in dire need of a good cleaning, give us a try! We’ve taken Matt’s 20 years of experience to adapt and refine the carpet cleaning process so you’re getting thoroughly rinsed, clean, and soft carpets. We have also been voted the #1 carpet cleaning company here in Utah Valley for the last 5 years in a row. 


Don’t believe us? Check out what other people are saying about our approach, or book your appointment today at, or give us a call at (801) 226-6827. We guarantee you’ll be amazed!