Sofa Cleaning from TruRinse™

We love helping you improve the way that your house looks and feels. Professional upholstery cleaning will prolong the life of your favorite chair, couch or other furniture.

TruRinse uses high-quality non-chemical cleaning treatments and revolutionary systems, removing residue, dirt, soil, and anything else that is making your upholstery dirty. 

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The professionals at TruRinse know that having a clean home for you and your family to enjoy is important to you.

That's why we:

- Clean with All Natural Cleaners

- Use the Science of Cleaning to Truly Rinse Your Upholstery for Consistent Results Each Time

- Ask About What Happened or Caused the Spill without Judgement (So we know how to rinse it out.)

- Have Fast Dry Times for Upholstery, Couches, and Chairs (Usually 1-3 Hours)

- Trained & Certified to Clean Various Fibers & Materials that are Common for Upholstery & Coaches

- Have NO Hidden Fees

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Real Before & Afters from Real Customers Here in Utah

TruRinse - In the middle of cleaning tile & grout
Before and After Sectional Upholstery Cleaner - TruRinse
Professional furniture cleaning in action - TruRinse
upholstery cleaning in utah

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Customer Testimonials

We were about ready to get rid of our couch but we figured we would attempt to clean it up before we got rid of it completely. TruRinse came and made it look good as new.

I. Gold

Scott came and cleaned our sofa and carpet today. He did an excellent job. Our sofa was so stained by dogs and it looks like new! Our carpet looks great. Thanks, Scott for being so conscientious and doing the best job possible.

Elsie Landon

They did a great job with my loveseat and it looks so much better, they got most of the spots out! There was a small misunderstanding as I only asked for the couch to be done and was invoiced for it, and they ended up doing both that and the armchair which I was just going to donate, so I was slightly bummed that I had to pay for both. But overall, the improvement is huge and the technicians were very professional and worked without any problems. I’d use this company again!

Athenna Crosby

What Makes TruRInse Unique

The TruRinse Approach Focused On Putting Your Needs First

Steam Cleaning & Truck Mount

Steam cleaning is generally considered to be the only corrective or restorative cleaning process of carpet cleaning methods. 

Hot Water

We rinse your carpets using water that is anywhere from 210 – 230 degrees. This ensures a TruRinse and a true clean. 

Revolutionary Rinsing Process

Our system is designed to leave your carpets free of contaminants, soap, and chemical residue, normal dirt, and stains – thoroughly rinsed clean and soft!

All Natural Cleaning Solution

You can count on us to never use harsh chemicals or soaps on your carpet. The TruRinse cleaning solution is safe for kids, pets, and the environment because its made of all natural ingredients. The solution we use to clean is also available in the TruRinse Spotter Bottle! 

Guarantee You Will Be Amazed

With our TruRinse Approach, you can count on consistent and amazing results time and time again. Your carpets, upholstery, and tile or grout have never looked so good. We think you will be amazed by our process, our results, and your whole experience from beginning to end! 

Expertise & Knowledge Applied in Every Service

Most carpet cleaners are not required to have any kind of certification or training here in Utah. At TruRinse, we have invested years mentoring and training our technicians so they understand the process. Our owner and founder Matt Ashdown also has over 20 years of experience in the Utah carpet cleaning industry.

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