Tile & Grout Cleaning from TruRinse™

It can take a lot of time to get your tile and grout looking new again. We are here to help you improve how your floors look and feel.

TruRinse offers exceptional, professional tile, and grout or fine stone cleaning services. Our technicians are trained to clean vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain tile and grout, all kinds of natural stone, and concrete floors. 

Get FREE Sealant with EVERY Tile & Grout Cleaning

$99 for Up to 200 Sq. Feet of Tile & Grout ($150 Value)

Don't damage your tile or grout with your toothbrush. Leave it to the professionals to deep clean, and reseal your tile so it will last, and shine as if it were brand new!

Ways to know its time for a clean:

1. It's been a while since you deep cleaned.

2. It's lost its sparkle and shine.

3. The grout is looking much darker than when you moved in.

4. The carpet right off the tile is dirty, essentially being a rug to take the dirt off the tile.

With TruRinse remember there are NO hidden fees!

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Real Before & Afters from Real Customers Here in Utah

TruRinse - In the middle of cleaning tile & grout
tile and grout cleaning in utah
Before and After professional tile and grout cleaning - TruRinse
tile and grout cleaning in utah

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Customer Testimonials

Jed & Caleb did a fine job cleaning our carpets and tile. Friendly and courteous. We’ll certainly use them again.

Jason E. Golly

We had them do carpet cleaning, tile grout cleaning and duct cleaning. They were amazing at all of them. I’m so glad I found them. We moved into a home that had been neglected for a while and it feels new again. Thanks TruRinse.

Mike Krog

Everyone should use TruRinse!! They were so kind and professional but I especially appreciate that they use clean ingredients to get the job done. The end result is as good as anywhere else but without the toxicity.

Mckell Allen

What Makes TruRInse Unique

The TruRinse Approach Focused On Putting Your Needs First

Steam Cleaning & Truck Mount

Steam cleaning is generally considered to be the only corrective or restorative cleaning process of carpet cleaning methods.

Hot Water

We rinse your carpets using water that is anywhere from 210 – 230 degrees. This ensures a TruRinse and a true clean.

Revolutionary Rinsing Process

Our system is designed to leave your carpets free of contaminants, soap, and chemical residue, normal dirt, and stains – thoroughly rinsed clean and soft!

All Natural Cleaning Solution

You can count on us to never use harsh chemicals or soaps on your carpet. The TruRinse cleaning solution is safe for kids, pets, and the environment because its made of all natural ingredients. The solution we use to clean is also available in the TruRinse Spotter Bottle!

Guarantee You Will Be Amazed

With our TruRinse Approach, you can count on consistent and amazing results time and time again. Your carpets, upholstery, and tile or grout have never looked so good. We think you will be amazed by our process, our results, and your whole experience from beginning to end! 

Expertise & Knowledge Applied in Every Service

Most carpet cleaners are not required to have any kind of certification or training here in Utah. At TruRinse, we have invested years mentoring and training our technicians so they understand the process. Our owner and founder Matt Ashdown also has over 20 years of experience in the Utah carpet cleaning industry.

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