It’s deep cleaning time, and if you’re anything like us you have been dreading yet dreaming of this day for months. While you work on decluttering your house and getting ready for those fun summer activities that leave you with a house full of people, it’s important to remember cleanliness is much deeper than clean carpets and tiles. 


Most people don’t think frequently about their air vent system and how important it is that it is routinely cleaned to not only increase the lifespan of your appliances but to help eliminate the dust and debris that dirties and irritates your space. If you’re unsure how to tell if your vents need to be cleaned, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 ways to know it’s truly time to clean your air vents


1. Your Electric Bill is Increasing…and Not Just a Little


I think we can all agree that nothing makes your mouth drop quicker than a higher than normal electric bill. If you have lived in your home long enough, you should have a pretty good idea of what your electric bill is going to be throughout the different months of the year. If you notice a hike in your electricity bill your air vents are likely the culprit. 

When there is a block in your air vent system air cannot move freely which requires your system to work harder to keep your home at the right temperature. Because your system has to work harder, it is using more energy that you wouldn’t normally use, and depending on how big the blockage is you could see a pretty high increase in cost to heat/cool your house. The good news is that getting your air vents cleaned can eliminate this problem fairly quickly and get you back on budget in no time. 


Pro Tip: Your airflow should be consistent throughout each room in your house. If you notice that the airflow isn’t running consistently this is a telltale sign there is a blockage in your vents. By quickly noticing the change in airflow you can get your vents cleaned quickly and avoid that higher than normal power bill. 


2. Dust Happens, But it Shouldn’t Happen Quickly


Dust happens, this is why pinesol and feather dusters exist, but nothing is more confusing than dusting the surfaces of your home only to find them looking like a dust storm blew through within a matter of days. The dirt and debris is coming from somewhere and once you figure out the source of your dust bunnies you can tackle it head on and put a stop to the madness. 


If you’re experiencing this problem there is a good chance that your air vents need cleaning because dirt, dust and debris get trapped in your air vents, that is until you turn the heat or air on. Once you turn your air on it will push the dust and debris through the vents and out onto your surfaces causing you to have to clean more frequently. To avoid having your home looking like a scene from “Cat in the Hat”, have your air vents regularly cleaned and serviced…even if it means bringing in thing 1 and thing 2. 


3. When You Start Your System, You Have to Say Bless You to Your Vents


When you start your air system, you should never have to say “bless you” to your air vents. While some dust and debris comes with having air vents, you should never be able to visibly see dust or debris coming from your vents once the air is turned on. If you notice this happening it is important that you get your air vents cleaned as soon as possible. 


The dust and debris that hangs out in your air vents can be full of spores, mold, dead skin, insect “droppings” and so much more that can cause reactions and allergies in even the healthiest of people. If you notice that your vents are kicking up dust, having them cleaned right away is the best way to avoid unnecessary illnesses and respiratory problems in the long run. 


4. Smells Happen, but You Should Be Able to Identify Them


If you live in a home with kids, especially teenagers, you may be accustomed to strange odors over running your home, but chances are you are able to eliminate those odors pretty quickly. If you start up your air system and a strange odor overwhelms your home and you are unable to find the source, get rid of the smell, or the smell only goes away once the air is off, your air vents could be the cause. 


Figuring out if your air vents are the source of your nose discomfort is actually pretty simple. When you start noticing the odor go around to the air vents throughout your house, get on the ground and take a sniff. If the odor hits your nose, then you know it’s time to get your air vents serviced and say goodbye to those unpleasant smells for good. 


5. You’re Changing Your Filter as Much as You Change the Toilet Paper Rolls


Cleaning your filters should always be done regularly to avoid fire hazards and to make sure that all of the dust and debris that is sucked into your air system is trapped and can’t make its way into your home. If you notice that you are changing your filter every few days instead of just periodically, you should have your vents cleaned as soon as possible. 


When you have your air vents cleaned your filter won’t have to work as hard to do its job and won’t become so easily blocked and full. The extra dirt and debris that hangs out in your vents can cause your filter to need to be changed much more frequently than normal. Pay attention to how often you are having to change your filter after your vents are cleaned. If you are still having to switch your filter often there may be a more serious problem that needs attention. 

 Truly Clean Vents Means More Than Clean Vents 

Your home is where you raise your family and find comfort after a long day, keeping your vents clean means keeping your home safe, comfortable, and clean. Your vents push air into your home which means whatever is inside of those vents has the potential to affect the air quality of your home. Keep you and your family healthy and breathing right by getting your vents regularly serviced.


Choosing a reputable company to clean your air vents is important to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Choosing a company that takes the right steps, with the right tools and the right knowledge means your home and vents will be kept clean the right way, with results that last until your next annual cleaning. 


At TruRinse Carpet Cleaning we provide more than amazingly clean carpets and upholstery. We are proud to provide you with professional air vent cleaning to keep your appliances running efficiently and to reduce the risk of a fire in your home or business. Schedule your air vent cleaning today so we can reduce the allergens in your home and take the dirt out with us when we leave.