A rug is something that can bring your entire room together; it can make the color of your walls, the type and arrangement of the furniture you have as well as the design of your floor work together in perfect synergy.

Since it is subjected to constant foot traffic, spills and dust accumulation, your rug can tend to look worn out overtime. You may find that no matter how hard you try, the sort of equipment you use and the strength of the rug cleaners you buy, you cant seem to restore it to its former glory.

Here is when TruRinse steps in. We offer expert, efficient and quick rug cleaning services that will help your home look all the more clean and put together. Depending on the type of rug you want cleaned, it can usually be done in the comfort of your own house.

At TruRinse, we have professionals that know the ins and outs of rug cleaning. We understand that different rugs require a different cleaning and washing method; for instance, pile rugs often have a simple routine with a simple washing, drying and vacuuming process. However, rug types like oriental and natural fiber rugs are more sensitive in nature. The former needs deep cleaning and conditioning that requires the sort of professional equipment we have. The latter has to be treated with the proper care because of its sensitive and easy to damage nature.

Rug Cleaning Service At Work - TruRinse

How regularly should you avail rug cleaning services?

On a regular basis, vacuuming twice a week is encouraged so that not only does your carpet look clean but promotes a healthy and sanitary environment. However, when deciding how often you should avail our professional rug cleaning services, you should look at factors like:

  • The foot traffic received by the rug
  • If there are any pets in the house
  • If there are any young children in the house
  • If the environment is generally dusty
  • How many spills has the rug seen

These factors should help you determine the frequency with which you should get your rugs cleaned. If you have a house with pets, small children and increased foot traffic, we recommend that you seriously consider availing annual rug cleaning services.

What benefits can we offer you?

If you do decide to opt for TruRinse then we can offer you the following advantages:

  • High quality cleaning with environmentally friendly products and equipment
  • Trained and experience professionals that look out for maintaining the quality of your rug
  • Care, cleaning and maintenance advice
  • Additional time for other activities instead of an afternoon spent trying to clean a rug

Contact us for scheduling and a subsequent quotation. We might even be able to clean it for you the same day in your house; convenience guaranteed. However, if our professionals deem it fit, we may have to take it to our facility – depending on the type of rug and the damage caused to it. Don’t hesitate, get in touch and let us help you!