Currently it is not easy to find competent carpet professionals that can be trusted completely, often spotting and making repairs is not an easy task, but in TruRinse you can put your full trust. We have been fully dedicated to carpet cleaning and repairing for a long time and ensure very well done and organized work.

Cleaning is delicate, it should not be done in any old way because it can damage the material and make it not the same as it was before. TruRinse has chemical-free technology that won’t damage carpets, we only use safe methods of cleaning and restoration.

Performing repairs can also be stressful if you do not know where to get them for this. Finding a company that is going to dedicate itself entirely to this is the best option, so with us the carpet repairs are done by highly trained professionals.

Domestic pets can bring problems to carpets and rugs as well, often a carpet that blends in well with the environment is ruined by blemishes or damage caused by dogs, cats or other pets. TruRinse has a great pet treatment service that will remove all the waste in your carpet.

Sure there are many companies that do this kind of service but not like TruRinse, due to our history of well-executed works and list of services. With a long time in the business, our techs always make sure to do each job as if it were their own home. Give us a call (801-226-6827) or visit our website ( to schedule your appointment today!