Drink stain on white carpetWe all have “OOPS” moments occasionally…spills happen, so let’s talk about the steps to getting that spill cleaned up properly.  First thing to remember is that you shouldn’t leave the spill in the carpet for too long. The longer you delay the harder removing the stain becomes. SO ACT FAST!

Here are the recommended steps:

  1. Act Fast
  2. Blot liquid with white cloth or white paper towel *Do not use colored cloth or paper towel as the color may bleed into the carpet*  Also, do not rub as it can damage carpet fibers.
  3. Once the affected area is blotted well,  rinse with a small amount of clean water and blot again.  Repeat if necessary.

If you are still having problems, give TruRinse a call at 801-226-6827 or Click Here to book an appointment through our website. Our professionals can likely help get that stain out – along with anything other carpet or upholstery cleaning you might need.